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Ademuz - La Muela - Picadoras - El Serrito - Ademuz





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-330 to the northeastern side of Ademuz where you find the bridge of Sotillo (Puente del Sotillo) just before leaving/entering the town. Park you car by the bridge. (Roadmap of Rincón de Ademuz)

Distance: 2h35min/11km

Cross the bridge (720 m). On the other side of the Turia river you encounter signs. Follow the sign for Val de la Sabina straight ahead. Ademuz stays on your right. The track turns into a path (3min) that ascends on a narrow asphalt road (4min). Turn left and then right on a concrete road (5min). Walk on this road with the white-yellow waymarks for a while and bend left on a sand road (6min) (730 m). In a minute a path with a white-yellow waymark and with a board "Sendero 131.6" forks off the road. You enter a pine forest. On your left runs a river.

When you meet a gate (18min) (755 m), turn left and descend along the stone steps that pass under the road and start to zigzag up to the La Muela (23min) (760 m). Continue straight ahead. Soon you see a reddish rock with a pointed top in front of you. You can see Ademuz down in the valley. When the path forks (33min) (805 m), go left. Looking below you enjoy a view over green pastures with flocks of sheep.

By the Picador sign (53min) (800 m) look up right where an orange rockwall blocks the view. Keep following the Rambla del Val. Soon you see the village of Val de la Sabina below.

In El Serrito ( 1h04min) (845 m) you meet signs. If you want to visit Val de la Sabina, turn left. The route continues to the right for Casas Altas. The path ascends on a sand road (1h10min) (880 m). Turn left. On the opposite side of the Rambla del Val you see orange rock walls. When you meet another sand road (1h18min) (875 m), turn right.

Take the path that turns off to the left (1h24min) (835 m) and follow this path to the ruins of an icestorage (1h28min) (800 m). Here the path turns into a track that descends towards Casas Altas on a sand road (1h34min) (760 m). Turn left, and after some 15 meters, turn right on a path that comes to a road (1h38min) (730 m). Turn right.

The road takes you to the water front  of the river Turia lined by a concrete road (1h42min) (705 m). Follow the sign for Ademuz to the right. As long as you do not cross the river, you can choose the road close to the river or another road that runs higher up. Both of them lead to Ademuz. If you walk on the road close to the river you pass a recreation area (2h15min). When the road forks, go left. You come back to the bridge of Sotillo (2h35min).

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