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Ademuz - Fuente Vieja - Fuente del Tio Manzano - Río Bohilgues - Vallanca - Río Bohilgues - Ademuz





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-330 to the southern side of Ademuz. A few meters to the south from the junction of Vallanca you find a narrow road that takes you to the fountain of Vieja (Fuente Vieja), which is some twenty meters from the N-330. (Roadmap of Rincón de Ademuz)

Distance: 3h25min/10.5 km

On the right hand side of the fountain (715 m) you see a bridge. Cross it and start to follow the white-yellow waymarks to the left. When you meet a track (3min) (720 m) turn left, walk some 40 meters, and cross another bridge with wooden rails. After the bridge, turn left. The narrow road lined by a stone wall forks by a river. Do not cross the river, but bend right on a track. The route follows the river, which runs on your left.

You pass the fountain of uncle Manzano (7min) (750 m) and ascend along an alley to a recreation area. After walking through a small grove you meet another bridge (12min) (750 m). Cross the river and bend right. The river runs now on your right hand side. By the next bridge you encounter a panel, which tells that you are crossing the river of Bohilgues (19min) (755 m). After the bridge, turn left. Now the river rush on your left.

The next bridge (24min) (760 m) you do not cross, but take a narrow path close to the water, on the right hand side of the river. Bright leafs float in the shallow water.

At the fork (31min) (765 m), go right, and, a minute later, go left. Among the natural trees you find also fruit trees. Magnificent rock walls rise on your right. 

When the path forks again, take the left fork down to the waterfall and crystal clear bonds (38min) (770 m). After visiting this charming spot, return to the fork and continue on the route.

At the next fork (50min) (820 m), go right, and, at the following fork (55min) (830 m), go left. You have a lovely view down to the gorge, where the river Bohilgues flows. The path turns into a grassy track and meets a sand road (1h05min) (885 m). Turn left. The river runs dry and Vallanca comes into sight.

Notice a path with a white-yellow waymark that starts from the right hand side of the road (1h25min) (910 m). Ascend along this path on a concrete road (1h30min) (925 m) and turn left. If you want to visit Vallanca, fork right on a track (1h32min) (930 m). The route continues straight ahead. The concrete road turns into a sand road almost immediately after the fork. At the next fork (1h36min) (915 m), go left. Soon after this fork, cross a small bridge on your right (1h40min) (910 m).

The track climbs upwards to an altitude of 985 meters (2h) with a view over the river valley and descends after that back to the water front (2h25min) (885 m). Cross the bridge and turn right downhill. Let the white-yellow waymarks guide you back to the Vieja fountain in Ademuz (3h25min).

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