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Jimena de la Frontera - Vereda de Ubrique - Mirador Las Asomadillas - Río Hozgarganta - Jimena de la Frontera

Jimena de la Frontera - Vereda de Ubrique - Mirador Las Asomadillas - Río Hozgarganta - Jimena de la Frontera





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-8201/C-3331 to the junction north of Jimena de la Frontera between the kilometre posts K1 and K2, where you see an information panel on the walking route of "Vereda de Ubrique". At this junction you find signs for "Jimena de la Frontera 2km" and "Ubrique 57km". (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h16min/8km

Take the ascending track with a sign for "Ubrique 9h45" that starts by the information panel (125 m). Lined by olive trees the track paved with stones opens up a view over the valley of the river Hozgarganta. When the pavement ends (6min) (180 m), the track turns into a path. You go through a gate, and come to a track (23min) (250 m). Turn right, and almost immediately throught a gate to the left. Continue uphill until you find a track with an arrow branching off left (26min) (270 m).

Walking on this charming track you ignore a track joining in from left behind. You come to a narrow sand road (33min) (280 m), and turn left. By an iron gate (44min) you take the steps to the lookout spot of Asomadillas opening up a view over the valley, and descend then to the other side of the gate. The road comes to the CA-8201/C-3331 (46min) (210 m). Turn right and branch off left to a track marked with an arrow soon after passing the kilometre post K4 (58min) (180 m).

At the first fork (1h07min) (135 m), go right, and at the next (1h13min) (100 m), go left. The track turns into a path (1h16min) (90 m), that descends to the Hozgarganta river by an information panel (1h20min) (60 m). Turn left guided by an arrow. Soon you cross the river along concrete steps, and continue on the other side along the path to the left.

When the path forks (1h40min) (45 m), go uphill to the right. You come to a small clearing by a house and follow an arrow to the left (1h55min) (45 m), through a gate to the river, and after a couple of minutes over the river. Looking ahead you see a fortress on top of a cliff.

The path comes to a track (2h) (50 m) on which you climb left uphill to another track (2h08min) (105 m). Again you turn left. When you encounter the northern entrance road of Jimena de la Frontera (2h12min) (125 m), you continue to the left back to the beginning of the route (2h16min).

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