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Circuito de San ┌rbez

Circuito de San ┌rbez





Map for the route (ED50)



How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to the kilometer post K57, and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Ca˝ˇn de A˝isclo". Soon the road becomes oneway only. After 13 km you see on your right a group of signposts. The route starts here, but drive 300 more to the parking place.

When you are leaving the canyon, continue along the oneway road 1.7 km to a junction and turn left. After 2.6 km, keep right and follow the sign for "Escalona". 14.1 km further you come to a junction. Turn right and continue 1.8 km to the A-138. (Roadmap)

Distance: 35min/2.2km

Walk from the parking place to the signposts (930 m), and take the track. Almost immediately you come to a fork. Go right. You cross the old bridge over the Bellos river. After the bridge the path bends left, back to the track. Soon you encounter an information panel. By the panel, the track forks. Keep left. You pass the hermitage of San ┌rbez (Ermita de San ┌rbez) and come to the next fork (10min) (925 m) where you follow the sign for "Circuito de San ┌rbez" downhill to the left.

The path takes you over the bridge of the river Bellos (15min) (905 m) and comes to a fork. Go left following the sign for "Circuito de San ┌rbez". Higher up you encounter a lookout spot (21min) (935 m) with nice views over the river and down into the canyon. A couple of minutes later an information panel introduces the old mills of the Bellos river.

You cross another bridge (26min) (930 m) from where you can see a waterfall and the river banks. Immediately after the bridge you follow the sign  "Circuito" that points to the left.

If you want to see the few remains of the mill follow the "Molino" sign downhill to the left. It takes some four minutes to visit the ruins.

Also at the next fork (30min) (950 m) keep left. On your left you see the sheer rock walls of the canyon and the peaks of Sestrales above the walls. You pass a small cottage and come back to the parking place  (35min).

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