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Sendero Arredondo

Cortijo de Arredondo - Circuito del Cerro Panizo - Refugio Floranes - Cortijo de Arredondo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AL-5405 (GR-5405) between Escullár and Canilés, turn by the kilometre post K29 on a road signposted to "Narvaez 30 km" and "El Pinarillo 8 km". Continue 6.4 km until you reach a white building on the right hand side of the road. If you walk to the front yard of this house, you see a plate with a text "Distrito Forestal" on the wall. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h45min/12km

The route begins before the yard entrance, by a small plate "Cortijo de Arredondo" where you find a grassy track going to the left (1535 m). Soon you encounter an arrow pointing downhill to the right (4min) (1525 m). Descend on this path, which crosses the Bodurria river (14min) (1460 m) and leads through a pine forest to a creek (18min) (1460 m). Before you come to the next creek (1h) (1480 m), this path goes over several gorges. The route continues uphill opening extensive vistas along the gorge on your left and to the mountains rising on the other side of the gorge.

The path widens to a track (1h08min) (1525 m). You walk over a beautiful stone bridge and meet an information panel on another route (1h22min) (1565 m). Ignore this panel and the path left downhill. Continue on the track straight ahead. You come to a crossroads where you find two information panels and a sign for the cottage of Floranes (1h30min) (1535 m). Follow the sandroad to the cottage (1h33min) (1545 m). You find tables and benches in the yard of this charming cottage.

Return back to the information panels (1h36min) and fork off to a path that curves left between the panels. This path takes you to the Cerro Panizo circuit and to the lookout spot of Bastidas. When it forks (1h40min) (1510 m), go right. At the next fork (1h44min) (1490 m), go left towards Bastidas. At the following fork (1h52min) (1460 m), go right to visit the lookout spot of Bastidas. You reach this spot in three minutes. The vistas along the gorge and to the mountains on the other side of the gorge are beautiful.

Return back to the fork (1h58min) and continue to the right. At the next fork (2h05min) (1470 m), go left. The path leads to the information panels (2h21min). Continue to the right on the track that starts by the Floranes-Arredondo panel, and return back to Cortijo de Arredondo (3h45min).

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