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Arroyo Cerezo

Arroyo Cerezo - Fuente de Abreva - Cruz de los Tres Reinos - La Veguilla - Arroyo Cerezo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Turn from the N-420 on a signposted road to Arroyo Cerezo. Drive 3.1 kilometers and turn right following the sign for Arroyo Cerezo. Drive 2.5 kilometers to Arroyo Cerezo. (Roadmap of Rincón de Ademuz)

Distance: 2h52min/11.5 km

Immediately after entering the village you see a number of signposts (1315 m). Follow the sign for "Cruz de los tres reinos" straight forward. You pass a wooden horse and an information panel. The road goes through fields and comes to a sign that guides you right on a concrete road (8min) (1335 m). It turns into a track and starts following a stream. Further up you encounter another information board which tells that you are on a route number 131.1 (23min) (1345 m).

The track becomes steeper and leaves the stream behind. After some ruined houses, the track turns into a path that ascends to the Abreva fountain (38min) (1440 m). You cannot get any drinking water from this fountain. The route circles a tall rock and opens wide views to the direction you came from. When the path forks, follow the white-yellow waymarks and piles of stones to the left (44min) (1465 m). The path bends right and meets a track (1h03min) (1490 m). Turn left and in a minute fork right on a path.

Soon you find the white-yellow waymarks and wooden poles. In the plain, the path disappears, but you stay on the right track by following the waymarks. When you reach the Crossroads of three Kingdoms (Cruz de los tres reinos) (1h18min) (1557 m), start following the sign for Arroyo Cerezo por Veguillas. From the crossroads you enjoy a panorama of mountains.

Descend to the track, which you can see below (1h20min) (1550 m) and turn right. When it forks (1h37min) (1495 m), keep right. Down in the valley you see Veguillas de la Sierra in the middle of fields. The track is lined by juniper bushes and trees.  Also at the next fork (1h50min) (1395 m) and at the following fork (1h54min) (1380 m), keep right.

A narrower track with a white-yellow waymark forks right (2h) (1345 m). Follow it until a waymark guides you right again (2h03min) (1340 m). Ignore a track that joins this track from right behind, and go straight ahead at the next junction (2h11min) (1340 m). The track is now covered with grass.

At the next two forks keep right, but at the third, go left (2h32min) (1330 m). When you reach an asphalt road, turn right (2h42min) (1305 m) towards Arroyo Cerezo. The stream starts to follow the route again. Soon you hear the sound of rushing water. The waterfall of the Arroyo Cerezo is left from the route. Walk throught the village back to the signposts where the route started (2h52min).

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