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Walking route along the east coast of Asturias

Llames - Playa de Guadamía - Pria - Playa Villanueva - Playa de Cuevas - Llames





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the E70/A-8 take the exit 319 (Nueva-Orio, Cardosa, Pria) and continue on the AS-263 towards Belmonte. In Belmonte, after 2 km, turn right on a narrow asphalt road signposted to Llames and Garuña. After 1.7 km you encounter in the village of Llames a sign for "Bufones de Pria, Playa de Guadamía" pointing down left. Park on the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h/12.1km

Follow the sign "Bufones de Pria, Playa de Guadamía" (30 m) and fork immediately to left and then right. In a couple of minutes (3min) (25 m) a white-yeallow waymark guides you to the left, and straight after that to the right.

At the next fork (7min) (10 m) you follow the waymark to the right on a sand road. Looking below you see the beach of Guadamía. The track leads to the cliffs, where you encounter panes explaining the formation of Bufones (11min) (10 m). In a calm weather, the holes in the cliffs produce only mist, but in a stormy weather, when the waves penetrate the tubes, which lead up to the cliffs they produce a high jet of water.

Continue along the track a bit further until a waymark leads you up to a path that follows the edge of cliffs (14min) (15 m). All along the way, you see cracks and holes in the cliffs. Every now and then the path draws away from the edge, but returns back there in a short while. The rugged coast line hides a number of narrow coves, where the waves break in white foam. Here and there you encounter fences, but the waymarks guide you through openings, which are so narrow that horses cannot go through them to the edge of the cliffs. The sheer cliffs are tens of meters high and of interesting colours.

You can have a closer look at the cliffs and coast from the peaks of the capes. An especially good spot is the peak stretching out some 150 meters to the sea (46min) (45 m). From the next cape you have an impressive view to the rocks emerging from the sea and surrounded by foam-crested waves (1h04min) (45 m). Do not take the paths leading down to the village on your right.

When you see that the road below bends sharp right, follow carefully the waymarks, which take you to the right on a path (1h27min) (30 m) leading towards the road. If you miss this path, you can follow the cliffs only some 10 minutes before you reach the peak separated by the cove of Canal with fine views.

Once you have reached the road (1h32min) (15 m) you encounter two signs. Visit first the "Playa Villanueva" by taking the path to the shore (1h34min) (5 m). This narrow, canal-shape cove is worth seeing. Return to the road and continue left uphill following the sign for "Playa de Cuevas". After some 100 meters, a waymark guides you to the left on a path. Follow the yellow arrows that you meet in short intervals. The path crosses a grassy clearing (1h43min) (15 m) and continues between bushes, before it descends steeply by a creek to a road (1h57min) (5 m).

Continue on the road to the right. Lined by pastures the narrow asphalt road comes to a junction (2h) (5 m). Turn left to visit the beautiful beach of Cuevas (2h04min) (5 m). Return back to the junction (2h08min) and keep straight ahead. Soon after crossing the bridge of Ereba, you turn right on an asphalt road (2h14min) (20 m). This lovely country road takes you through small villages. Ignore an asphalt road with a waymark to the right (2h26min) (55 m). When you come to a junction (2h38min) (50 m), turn right. Ignore the road branching off left with a sign for Pesa (2h42min) (50 m) and walk back to Llames (3h).

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