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Trekking route El Camín Encantáu

Puentenuevo - Gomezán - Maletería - Villanueva - Palaciu - Ardisana - Ricaliente - Puentenuevo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-115 to Puentenuevo. When you encounter a narrow asphalt road with many signpost including a wooden sign for "Ruta Senderista El Camin Encantau", park by the AS-115. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h30min/10km

Along this route you find characters of the Asturian mythology.

Take the narrow asphalt road (60 m) across the Bedón river. After the bridge you ignore the road branching off left. In a minute you meet two wooden sculptures, the "Reunión de Trasgos" (gathering of elfs) and the "Jugador de Bolos" (ball player). After passing them you turn right towards Los Callejos. When you encounter an information panel on the route (3min) (60 m) turn left on a track.

The river San Miguel flows on your right. The track leads to a fork (7min) (60 m), where you go left. After crossing an asphalt road, the track ascends to the tiny village of Gomezán (25min) (125 m), where you meet "Sumiciu", the spirit of lost things, and enjoy a lovely view over the valley of Ardisan and to one of the hills of Sierra de Peña Villa.

Continue on the track, which bends left and turns into a path (29min) (140 m). You walk through a beautiful forest to Maletería, another little village (46min) (205 m), where the "Hombre del Saco" welcomes you. Go left at this crossroads. In a minute a wooden pole guides you to the right. Follow the path to a road and turn left. Soon you come to an asphalt road and turn right (50 min) (190 m). Ignore the first track to the left, but take the second one with wooden pole (56min) (190 m). Before long another wooden pole guides you left again (59min) (190 m). The track turns into a path, along which lurks the "Pataricu", a goblin who eats up children (1h06min) (210 m). The path becomes a track. You are lucky to take unawares the "Diañu Burlón", who can appear in different shapes (1h11min) (225 m).

The track descends to Villanueva, where you meet "Nuberu", the lord of rain and winds (1h14min) (210 m). Go right at the crossroads. When you reach an asphalt road, turn left. By the church the road turns into a track, that comes to an asphalt road (1h20min) (185 m). Follow the sign for Palacia to the left and later the sign Ardisana to the left (1h25min) (185 m).

You walk straight to the village without paying attention to the road, which branches off right. Walk through the village keeping right. On the skirts of the village you encounter the "Cuélebre" (1h33min) (185 m), the guardian of treasures and princesses. When you come to an asphalt road (1h35min) (185 m), turn right. Later you follow a wooden pole to the left (1h39min) (185 m) and after that to the right to a path. By the path crouches "Llavandera" (1h44min) (155 m), who forebode bad news.

You pass a cross and "Busgosu", who guards the forests (1h50min) (135 m). You reach Ricaliente by "Manona", a hand that urges you to show respect for the nature (1h57min) (95 m). Turn right at this crossroads and return along the road lined by pastures back to Puentenuevo (2t30min).

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