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Trekking route along the Sierra del Sueve

Mirador de Fitu - Vega del Bustacu - Collado Beluenzu - Pico Pienzu - Mirador de Fitu





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-260 that runs between Arriondas and Colunga to the lookout spot of Fitu (Mirador del Fitu), some 10 km from Arriondas. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h10min/13.5km

From the information panel on the route (580 m) starts a track which leads to a pine forest. When you see a cottage on top of the Piedra Redonda (4 min) (610 m)., keep right and continue along a path lined by pines to a fork (21 min) (600 m), where you can take either of the paths. The path to the right crosses the hill and the path to the left goes round it. Pico Babú and Pico de Duernes line the route on your right.

Soon the trees end and you walk through pastures to a concrete building gathering water from the fountains (37 min) (675 m). A little bit further you come to the track (40min) (670 m). At its beginning you see on your right the highest peak of the Sierra del Sueve, the Pico Pienzu with a cross on top of it. In the plain of Bustacu you meet herds of grazing cows and horses. Among the horses you can spot little black ones, descendants of horses left behind by Celts in the late Iron Age.

The track narrows into a path that ascends to the pass of Beluenzu. From its upper end you find a dry fountain (1h25min) (930 m), from where you discern the cross on top of Pienzu. From the well you continue uphill to the right along a grassy slope following a dry river bed. At its end you bend right. A number of paths run on the steep and in some places stony slope, but if you make for the crest of Sueve you stay on the right path. Higher up the route becomes a wide grassy trail that leads to the cross (2h10min) (1160 m). From the top of Pienzu you look down to other peaks of Sierra del Sueve and to the Picos de Europa. If the visibility is good you enjoy also nice sea views.

Return on the same way back to Fitu (4h10min).

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