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Busto - Mirador del Playa del Cueva - Playa de Bozo  - Monte de Cabo - Mirador del Altar - Faro de Busto - Playa de Barchinas - Busto






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the highway A-8 take the exit 462 towards Busto. After some 2 km, you follow the sign for "Centro de Busto" straight ahead some 200 metres to a chapel. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h47min/7.8km

Return from the chapel (75 m) some 100 metres and turn right following the sign for "Escuelas". When the road forks (6min) (80 m), turn left to a track. At the crossroads (9min) (80 m), you go first straight ahead to visit the lookout spot, where you enjoy a nice view over the beach of Cueva (13min) (55 m). After admiring the view, return back to the crossroads and turn left (17min) (80 m).

At the next fork (21min) (75 m) a white-yellow waymark guides you left. The track enters a pine forest and turns into a lovely path made for this route. The path crosses a brook and ascends to a junction (33min) (75 m), where you turn left into an eucalyptus forest.

Soon a seaview opens up in front of you. The track descends to the beach of Bozo (44min) (10 m), where you find a small waterfall and a cave.

Return to the junction, where you turned into the eucalyptus forest, and continue straight ahead. Soon a white-yellow waymark guides you to the left (55min) (75 m). Lined by pastures, the track leads to the recreation area of Monte de Cabo (1h01min) (70 m), with a view over the west coast of Asturias.

From the recreation area, the route continues along a path that runs at the edge of the cliffs. The path passes the lookout spot of El Altar and continues towards the lighthouse of Busto.

From the lighthouse of Busto (1h10min) (60 m) the path goes behind the lighthouse along the cliffs passing a number of outlook balconies. From the first (Mirador de Busto), you look down to the islands of La Moura and Las Mouchas, from the second to the beach of Serrón, from the third to the tiny island of Salto and from the fourth to the shore of Vallino (1h23min) (50 m).

Walking towards the cove of Barchinas you come to a track (1h26min) (55 m) and turn left. The track is lined by beautiful cypresses. Keep on the main track ignoring all side tracks. When you reach Busto (1h41min) (75 m) turn right and return to the chapel (1h47min).

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