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Cudillero - Piñera - El Pito - Atalaya - Cudillero






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-632 turn to CU-1, CU-2 or CU-3, all signposted to Cudillero. The CU-3 is the easiest and most direct way to the harbour of Cudillero, where you find a large parking place opposite to the tourist information centre. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h37min/7km

This urban route is untypical of Topwalks, but it allows you to get familiar with the extraordinary village of Cudillero. Besides, it is very well marked.

From the parking place (5 m) you take the main street to the town hall (Ayuntamiento) and the church of San Pedro (3min) (10 m) and keep following the orange arrows to the upper part of the village. There the arrow guides you to the right (10 min) (40 m), down to the river. The arrows show the way over a street (13min) (40 m), back to the river, where you cross first a couple of bridges, then a road and then a bridge again.

The narrow asphalt road snakes its way to Piñera, where you fork right following the arrow (33min) (100 m). Little later, the arrow takes you left to a track at the corner of a cemetery. When you come to an asphalt road (38min) (120 m), turn right, and straight after, first to left, then right and then left again. At all these junctions, you find the arrows.

The road goes by the church of Santa Maria de Piñera (43min) (115 m) and bends towards Cudillero. In El Pito, you come to the church of Jesús Nazareno (54min) (120 m). The road turns left to the facade of the church, where you find an open gate. Opposite to the church, on the other side of the road lined by old eucalyptus trees, stands the palace of Selgas.

Later you follow the sign for "Atalaya" to the right (58min) (120 m). On your way towards the sea, you can admire handsome houses, many of which represent the traditional style. At the corner of the cemetery of Cudillero, the arrow guides you to the right (1t12min) (105 m).

The road descends steeply towards the cliffs, to a lookout spot (Mirador de la Carita T.M. de Cudillero) (1h16min) (65 m), revealing the village of Cudillero, the other villages above it, as well as the harbour and the sea. The lookout spot has three balconies at different levels. From the lowest one, you enjoy the best view of the lighthouse. You can also climb the steps to the lookout tower.

From the lookout spot you continue on very narrow lanes built between the houses, which seem to be on top of each others on this steep slope. Once you reach the square of Marina (Plaza de la Marina) (1h25min) (10 m) turn right. Pay a visit to the lighthouse (1h30min) to admire the sea view, before you return to the parking place (1h37min).

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