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Costa Occidental
Navia - Playa El Moro - Playa de Frejulfe - Navia






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the N-634/E-70 to Navia and keep on the east side of the river Navia. Heading to the north you drive past the harbour and continue along the Avenida de la Darsena, which turns into Avenida del Pardo. When you see on the left hand side of the Avendia del Pardo an information panel presenting the route "Senda Costera de Navia" leave your vehicle to the large parking place on the opposite side of the street. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h/16.5km

From the information panel (5 m) starts a walkway, which leads past the dockyard to the river shore (3min) (5 m). Continue along the walkway to the right on the river bank. After crossing a long bridge (16min) (5 m), descend along the steps to the beach of Navia. The walkway takes you to the other end of the cove, where you climb the steps to a narrow asphalt road (23min) (25 m). Turn left.

The asphalt road ends above the beach of El Moro (28min) (35 m). Continue along a path, which runs along the slope, through a little pine forest to a track (39min) (40 m). Turn left. When the track forks in three branches (41min) (35 m), select the branch uphill to the right. Later you follow the sign for "Playa de Frexulfe" over another track to a path (47min) (45 m).

After passing a stony cove you come to a track and turn left (1h02min) (35 m). When the track bends left, you follow a white-yellow waymark uphill to the right (1h04min) (20 m). Soon green pastures start to line the path. At the next junction (1h10min) (55 m) and at the following junction (1h16min) (55 m) you turn left. When you meet a panel of "Senda Costera de Navia", branch off right to a path (1h19min) (30 m). At the next fork (1h21min) (45 m) you go left again.

After a short but steep descent above a little cove, you take the steps downhill and cross a tiny brook. At the next junction (1h27min) (15 m) you turn left without paying attention to the sign for Teifaros pointing to the right. The track narrows into a path. Also at the following junction, you ignore the sign for Teifaros and keep left (1h35min) (15 m).

Later you follow the sign for "Puerto de Vega" to the left (1h40min) (40 m). When you come to a crossroads (1h44min) (45 m), go straight ahead. You walk through an eucalyptus forest to the next fork (1h55min) (45 m), from where you descend to the left. After climbing down the steps, turn left again (1h59min) (25 m) to the beach of Frexulfe (2h01min) (10 m).

Return on the same way back to Navia (4h).

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