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Playa de San Pedro
Oviñana - Pedro de la Ribera - Playa de San Pedro - Oviñana  






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the highway A-8 take the exit 445 towards Oviñana. Continue along the CU-8 less than 1 km to the village church, where you find a lot of parking space. The route starts from the church, but if you want to visit the Cabo Vidio to admire fantastic sea views, continue some 2 km along the road following the signs for "Faro de Vidio" to the lighthouse of Vidio. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h30min/6km

This route is well marked with orange arrows. From the church (105 m) you walk back until an orange arrow painted on the asphalt guides you to the left (2min) (105 m).

Follow the arrows, which guide you to the right (5min), to the right (7min), to the left (9min), to the right (10min), to the left (10min), to the left (13min) and straight ahead (16min). In a couple of minutes the asphalt road turns into a track. Ignore a track branching off left and descend to the village of Pedro de la Ribera (30min) (60 m).

Follow the arrows through the village to a camping area (36min) (5 m). On your right you find a parking area and take a track starting from its other end. When you come to a junction (41min) (5 m), turn left. On your right flows the river Esqueiro. Soon you see the beach of an Pedro in front.

After crossing a bridge, you can visit the beach (46min) (5 m) before you continue to its other end, where you follow the arrows uphill to the left (48min) (5 m).

The road turns almost immediately into a track by some buildings. The track ascends steeply to the village (1h08min) (105 m). Follow the arrows back to the church (1h30min).

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