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Playa de Penarronda
Playa de Penarronda - Castro del Corno - Campo de Arnao - Punta de Espiela - Punta de la Romela - Punta de la Cruz - Playa de Arnao - Villadún - Playa de Penarronda






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the N-634 turn towards "Playa de Penarronda" and continue to the parking place of the Penarronda beach. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h30min/12km

Walk from the parking place (5 m) to the beach of Penarronda, where you follow the white-red waymarks painted on the walkway made of planks. The waymarks lead to the left, to a walkway made of stones (8min) (0 m). When it ends, you take a sand road marked with a sign for "GR-E-9 Vegadeo" and a stone plate "GR E-9".

The road ascends to a fork, where you follow the sign to the right. When you come to a junction (20min) (20 m), follow the sign for "Castro del Corno" to the cape of Corno with a view to the rugged coast line, over the beach of Penarronda and the cove of Rubia. You can go round the cape along a path.

Return to the junction and keep right following the sign for GR-E-9. At the next junction (40min) (30 m), turn right to an asphalt road. You come to the recreation area of Campo de Arnao, where the sign guides you to the right to a track (55min) (25 m). The track goes round the capes of Punta de Espiela and Punta de la Romela. You can visit the tips of these capes along paths.

At the next crossroads you follow the sign to the right (1h25min) (15 m). The track goes round the cove of Langosteiro and visits the cape of Punta del Maste (1h29min) (10 m) and continues to the lighthouse of Punta de la Cruz (1h33min) (10 m), with a view over the cove of Arnao to the bridge of Santos, before it comes back to the already familiar crossroads (1h39min) (15 m), where you keep straight ahead. The track bends right to the recreation area of the Arnao beach (1h49min) (20 m).

From Arnao you continue on an asphalt road straight ahead. Later a white-red waymark guides you to the left to an asphalt road (1h58min) (30 m). From now on, you do no longer follow the white-red waymarks, but keep straight ahead until you come to the already familiar junction (2h15min) (25 m), where you turn right. In Villadún, you turn left (2h17min) (30 m). When the asphalt road forks (2h21min) (25 m), go right. Immediately after that, you branch off right to a track, which crosses an asphalt road and comes to another asphalt road (2h27min) (10 m). Turn left and return to the parking place (2h35min).

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