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Costa Verde
San Esteban de Pravia (Playa El Garruncho)  - Ermita del Espíritu Santo - Mirador de la Atalaya - Mirador de Los Glayos - Alto de las Llanas - Playa de Xilo/Silo - Playa de Aguilar - Playa El Garruncho






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-632/E70 turn to MU-1, signposted to San Esteban de Pravia. Continue some 3.6 km through San Esteban de Pravia along the street running on the left hand side of the river Nalon (Ría de San Esteban), passing the harbour, all the way to the beach of El Garruncho, where the street ends by a large parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/10km

On the beach, by the information panel of the route "Senda Costera de Muros de Nalón" you find steps with a wooden railing (5 m). Climbing these steps you can admire the views over the beach of Arena to the town of San Juan de la Arena, which lies on the other side of the Nalon river. The piers of Dique del Oeste and Contradique de Este reach out to the sea.

After a small eucalyptus grove you come to the lookout spot of the Ermita del Espíritu Santo (10min) (95 m) with an extensive sea view encompassing the island of Deva on your right and the rugged coast line all the way to the cape of Vidio on your left.

From the hermitage, the route continues along a paved walkway gently uphill. After passing a recreation area, the walkway with signs for "Senda Costera de Muros de Nalón" bends right close to the sea. By the first fountain, you encounter tables and benches (18min) (110 m).

The route continues to the lookout spot of Atalaya (24min) (110 m), where you enjoy a view of the idyllic cove with the islet of El Paso. From the left hand side of the lookout spot, you find stairs down to a walkway snaking its way through a forest.

By the next recreation area you find another fountain and a lookout spot with a view over the beach of  Conchiquina (28min) (115 m). Later the route is marked with signs for "Senda Costera de Muros de Nalón" and "Playa Aguilar". When you encounter a sign for "Playa de Atalaya" and Playa de Cazonera" pointing to a path, which branches off right (33min) (105 m), you can take this path to a lookout spot with a bench (38min) (75 m). The path goes all the way to the beaches of Atalaya and Cazonera, but we recommend that you turn back from the lookout spot.

Walking ahead on the walkway, ignore all side ways. The winding walkway takes you to a bridge (57min) (80 m). Soon you cross another bridge.

Not far from the bridges, you come to the lookout spot of Las Llanas on your right (1h) (80 m), where you find tables and benches. Before you continue along the main route gently uphill, take the walkway from the right hand side of the lookout spot downhill to the lookout spot of Los Glayos (1h02min) (75 m). From this spot you have an outlook to many capes as well as over the beaches of Llanas and Aguilar.

Return to the main route and ignore the path downhill to the right with a sign for Playas de Llanas. Again you pass a recreation area with a fountain (1h09min) (110 m). When the walkway forks (1h12min) (125 m), follow the sign for "Playa de Aguilar" to the right. From the next lookout spot (1h14min) (115 m) you see both the sea and the highlands of Aguilar.

Walking through a beautiful forest, branch off right to a wide path (1h18min) (90 m) to visit another lookout spot. When the wooden railing ends (1h21min) you look down to the beaches of Xilo/Silo and Aguilar together with the Punta de los Glayos.

Return to the main route, which continues along stone steps down to a road (1h33min) (20 m). You can take the stairs to the beach of Xilo, before you follow the road to the beach of Aguilar (1h37min) (5 m).

Return on the same way back to the beach of El Garruncho (3h10min).

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