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Costa Occidental
Busto - Río Esva - Playa de Cueva - Caroyas - Cueva - Busto






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the highway A-8 take the exit 462 towards Busto. After some 2 km, you follow the sign for "Centro de Busto" straight ahead some 200 metres to a chapel. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h24min/11km

Return from the chapel (75 m) some 100 metres and turn right following the sign for "Escuelas". When the road forks (6min) (80 m), turn left to a track. At the crossroads (9min) (80 m), you go straight ahead to visit the lookout spot, where you enjoy a nice view over the beach of Cueva (13min) (55 m).

After admiring the view, take the track uphill to the left. Soon you encounter white-yellow waymarks along the track. When you come to a crossroads (20min) (80 m), continue straight ahead. The road bends right and turns into a track. At the next junction, turn right.

The track leads to the N-634 (34min) (10 m), which you follow to the right cross the bridge over the river Esva. Later you branch off right to a path running by the Esva (39min) (10 m). You can see this path from the N-634. The path turns into a track by a building. When the track forks (48min) (10 m), follow the sign for "Playa de Cueva" to the right.

The track narrows into a path, which takes you to the beach of Cueva (57min) (5 m), to the left hand side of the river Esva.

Walk to the left end of the beach (1h02min) (5 m), where you find steps on a boulder. Climb these steps to a path, which ascends in zig-zag. From the path you enjoy fine views over the cove of Canero.

When you reach a track (1h09min) (55 m), turn right. Go right also at the next junction (1h11min) (70 m). A wide sea view all the way to the lighthouse of Busto opens up on your right.

The path bends left skirting a field. Looking ahead you see the cove of Molinos de Barcia. You come to a track and turn left. Once you reach the village of Caroyas (1h19min) (90 m) keep left at the junctions. Just before you come to the N-634, branch off left to a track (1h30min) (100 m). This grassy track was originally a road, and you can still spot some asphalt under the grass. Soon the track crosses the N-634, only to return back to it and then to continue on its right hand side. When it returns once again to the N-634 (1h35min) (80 m), follow the sign for "Playa de Cueva" to a narrow asphalt road, which descends through the village ov Cueva to the already familiar path (1h46min) (10 m). Turn right.

When you come to Busto (2h14min) (85 m) keep right and walk through the village back to the chapel (2h24min).

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