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Mar Cantábrico
Puerto de Vega - Punta La Lama - Punta El Castro - Playa de Barayo - Vigo - Puerto de Vega






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the E-70/N-634 turn to NV-7 signposted to Puerto de Vega. After 3 km you come to Puerto de Vega, where you encounter a sign for "Puerto" pointing to the right. The route starts from the harbour. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h40min/9.2km

From the harbour (10 m) you see on the opposite shore of the cove the building of "Almacenes Pescadores". Take the concrete way on your right to this building and continue along the shore on a walkway uphill, pass a lookout spot (4min) (15 m), to the tip of the breakwater, where the walkway ends (9min) (10 m). From this point starts a grassy path to the right.

Soon the path turns into a track. When it forks (18min) (25 m), go left. From the cape of Coutiellas (24min) (20 m) you see a long stretch of the rugged coast line. The track turns into a path that leads to the cape of Picón (30min) (25 m).

After crossing a bridge you walk across the stony shore of the Asteiro cove and come to a track (40min) (25 m), which you follow to the left. In a couple of minutes you turn right to a grassy field with a narrow path running along its edge. Later you see a large stony cove of Canares below (46min) (20 m).

The path turns into a track (49min) (20 m). When you come to a junction (51min) (25 m), turn left. The track bends left and turns into a path on the cliffs. Later the path draws away from the shore (1h11min) (40 m) and turns into a track.

At the next junction (1h16min) (50 m), you go left again. Once more the track turns into a path. Soon after that you encounter wooden steps on your left (1h25min) (55 m). The steps descend to the beach of Barayo (1h33min) (5 m). The river Barayo divides the beach into two.

Climb the steps back up and return to the junction (1h48min) (50 m), where you keep straight ahead following the sign for "Vigo". In Vigo (1h54min) (65 m), you follow the road through the village to a junction (1h57min) (65 m), where you turn right.

At the next junction (2h02min) (45 m), turn left. The road bends right and comes by a fountain to the highway. Later you branch off right to a track (2h08min) (45 m). At the following junction (2h15min) (25 m) turn left and follow the already familiar route back to Puerto de Vega (2h40min).

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