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Puerto de Vega - Playa de Frexulfe - Soirana  - Puerto de Vega 






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the E-70/N-634 turn to NV-7 signposted to Puerto de Vega. After 3 km you come to Puerto de Vega, and turn left to the NV-2. Follow the signs for "Navia" and "Playa de Frejulfe". After some 400 meters, turn right on Avenida de Jose Ramon Alvarez. Drive some 200 metres on this street and turn left to Calle de Atalaya. At the end of this street you find the chapel of Atalaya. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h32min/8.3km

From the gable of the chapel (30 m) starts a path with a sign for "Playa de Frexulfe, 1h30min". Ignore the path which branches off right to the beach and continue straight ahead. All along the way you enjoy nice views to the sea, small islands, coves and cliffs.

When the path forks (20min) (15 m), keep right. On you left the grassy hills are dotted with small groups of pines. The path goes round a couple of coves opening up a view to the island of Soirana. After walking through a pine forest (48min) (40 m), you see a group of tiny islands. The path goes round the capes of León and Pedreiras before you come to a crossroads (1h01min) (25 m) above the beach of Frexulfe.  Ignore the tracks and follow the white-yellow waymark to a path.

When the path forks (1h02min) (30 m), go right downhill. Keep right also at the next fork (1h12min) (20 m).

The path comes to a track (1h14min) (10 m), which you follow to the right over a river. The track goes around a small damp place. When it forks (1h17min) (10 m), go left into an eucalyptus forest. Looking down you see the beach of Frejulfe. At the next junction (1h22min) (25 m) you turn right. The path descends to the beach of Frejulfe (1h25min) (10 m). You can walk either along a grassy bank or the sandy beach to the other end of the cove, where you find a small waterfall (1h35min).

Walk back along the beach, over the river Monte, to the steps (1h50min) which ascend to the familiar crossroads (1h52min), where you follow the sign for "Soirana" to the right.

By the parking place of the beach, the track becomes an asphalt road (2h) (45 m). When you come to a highway (2h07min) (65 m), follow the sign for "Soirana" to the left. After walking through the village, branch off left to a track (2h17min) (40 m). Later you take another track, which runs along the edge of a field to the left, towards a white-yellow pole (2h22min) (20 m), down to the familiar path (2h24min). Turn right and walk back to the chapel (2h32min).

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