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Playa de Pormenande
Viavelez - Mirador Atalaya - Playa de Pormenande - Playa de Cambaredo - Mirador de la Playa Castello - Mirador de Salias - Mirador de la Playa de Torbas - Viavelez






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-634 turn to the FR-4 signposted to Viavelez between the kilometer posts 535 and 536. Continue 1 km to the harbour of Viavelez (Puerto), where you find a parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/22.5km

Looking up right from the parking place (10 m) you see a lookout spot with wooden railings at the tip of a cape. That is the first stage of this route. Walk from the parking place along the Calle Corin Tellado to steps, which lead to a lane. Follow this lane to the upper part of the village, where you keep left at the forks. The first white-red waymark guides you to the left to a track (6min) (40 m), which bends right by the walking route signs (7min) (30 m). Follow first the sign for "Mirador Atalaya" to a path, which takes you to the lookout spot (9min) (30 m), where you enjoy a nice view over the village, its harbour and the cove.

Return back to the track and follow the sign for Ortiguera. The track turns into an asphalt road by a fountain (13min) (40 m). After passing the lookout spot above the cove of Porticel, a white-red waymark guides you to a path running between houses (16min) (45 m). Soon it comes to an asphalt road.

At the crossroads, you follow the sign for Ortiguera straight ahead to a track without paying attention to the sign pointing to the right for "Palacio Jardón". This closed and run-down palace is not worth visiting.

Turn left at the next junction (20min) (45 m). You walk through an eucalyptus forest and turn left again (22min) (35 m). Once you reach the beach of Pormenande (26min) (5 m) walk to its other end, where you take the walkway leading to an asphalt road. Turn left and follow the road without paying attention to side roads until you encounter the sign for Ortiguera pointing left to a path (46min) (50 m). This path leads through a recreation area and bends right.

When you come to a track (52min) (30 m), turn left to a lookout spot above the beach of Cambaredo (54min) (30 m). The route continues from the right hand side of the lookout spot. If you want to visit the beach, take the steps from the left hand side of the lookout spot.

Walking along the path you look down to the beach of Cambaredo. Later the path bends right and widens to a track. From the next lookout spot (1h04min) (55 m) you continue straight ahead to a path. In other words, do not follow the track which bends right.

The path takes you to the lookout spot of the beach Castello (1h08min) (30 m) and descends after that to an asphalt road (1h11min) (20 m). Turn left uphill. Down on your left you see the beach of Castello.

At the next junction, turn right on an asphalt road (1h19min) (70 m). Soon the sign for Ortiguera guides you left (1h21min) (70 m). After passing a camping, you come to another junction (1h25min) (70 m), where you turn right. Again the sign for Ortiguera guides you to the left (1h27min) (70 m).

At the following junction, turn right (1h31min) (65 m). Soon a waymark shows the way to the left, to a narrow asphalt road (1h33min) (60 m), which turns into a track. After crossing the bridge over the brook Jonte (1h40min) (15 m) the track turns into an asphalt road. Ignore the road that branches off left downhill and continue uphill along the road lined by fields. At the next junction, turn left to a sand road (1h50min) (55 m), which takes you to a recreation area by the lookout spot of Salias (1h53min) (50 m). From there you look over the cove of Torbas to the cape of Picón.

Return to the juncntion and keep straight ahead.

Later you follow the waymark to the left to a track (2h02min) (65 m), which comes to an asphalt road (2h06min) (60 m). Turn right. Soon the Ortiguera sign guides you to the left, to a track lined by meadows (2h09min) (70 m).

At the crossroads, continue straight ahead (2h11min) (65 m). After crossing a brook you come to junction (2h23min) (60 m), where you turn left. Almost immediately the track forks. Keep right. This beautiful track descends to the lookout spot of the Torbas beach, where you find tables and benches (2h30min) (30 m). This spot affords a great view over the beach of Torbas on your right and the beach of Barco on your left.

Return on the same way back to Viavelez (5h).

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