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Playa de la Barquera
Novellana - Playa de la Barquera - Playa Silencio - Castañeras - Novellana






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the E70/A8 take the exit 448 towards Novellana and continue along the N-632 to Novellana. Close to the church by a junction, you find a large parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h35min/6.5km

From the junction (120 m) you follow a violet waymark gently down towards the sea. The narrow asphalt road turns into a track (5min) (100 m) opening up a nice sea view.

At a bend of the track, a violet waymark guides you to a path (9min) (90 m). When the path forks (20min) (20 m), take a few steps to the right to admire the view to the beach of Barquera and to the large boulders emerging from the sea. Return to the fork and keep right at the next fork, which you encounter almost immediately. The path takes you down to the beach of Caladoria with a small cottage, caves, cavities, a narrow cove and a brook (24min) (5 m).

Return back to the fork and take right. The path descends to a meadow and crosses the brook of Prao Llagón (Reguero de Prao Llagón) at its other end (30min) (10 m). Continue along the path uphill to the lookout spot of above the beach of Silencio (34min) (35 m).

From the lookout spot you climb the steps down to the semicircular beach of Silencio lined by a sheer rock wall (39min) (5 m). On the beach you find multicoloured and smooth cliffs.

Return from the beach back to the lookout spot and take the track. Lined by beautiful trees this track snakes its way gently uphill opening up views to the rocks of Isolete Bercebera and to the isle of Cogolla, just outside the rock wall of Silencio. Also the cove with its rock formations affords a nice view.

When the track turns into an asphalt road (48min) (70 m), you follow the waymark straight ahead without paying attention to the road that branches off left. Lined by pastures the road offers splendid sea views.

Once you reach the village of Castañeras (58min) (105 m), follow the asphalt road through the village without paying attention to a violet arrow pointing to the right to a path. When you come to the N-632, turn left (1h04min) (115 m). The road snakes its way to Novellana (1h32min) (120 m), declared in 1962 the most beautiful village of Asturias. Walk back to the parking place (1h35min).

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