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Playa de Porcia - Atalaya - Área Recreativa de Llox - Campo Redonda - Cabo Blanco - El Cerradin - Ribeira de Torbas - San Pelayo - Viavelez - Meres - Valdepares - Playa de Porcia






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the N-634 follow the sign for Porcia to a narrow asphalt road. After some 100 meters turn right towards "Playa de Porcia" and continue some 200 meters to the beach of Porcia. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h34min/13km

From the beach of Porcia (25 m) you have a nice view to the cliffs and the island of Forcón.

Follow the white-red waymarks to a walkway, which ascends along the cliffs to a lookout sport (8min) (40 m), where you encounter an information panel on the route GR E-9. The sea view encompasses the Porcia beach and the tiny islands of Castelos, the largest ones called Forcón and Chisliqueira. In no time, the track forks. Follow the sign for "Viavelez" to the left.

Go left also at the next fork following the sign for Atalaya (11min) (40 m). From this cape with sheer rock walls you look over the cove of Amortiza to the Cabo Blanco. Return to the fork (17 min) and follow the sign for Viaveleg to the left. Keep left also at the next fork. The track descends to the recreation area of Llox by the fountain of El Pipiellos (23min) (15 m).

Along the track you encounter plates with pictures of fish, pointing out the traditional fishing spots. On your way you enjoy nice views to the cape of Atalaya.

You pass the lookout spots of Campo Redonda and Cabo Blanco before you come to a fork (32min) (30 m). From this point it is really worth visiting the Cabo Blanco (White cape) on your left to admire curious rock formations surging from the sea and the view towards Atalaya. Return to the fork (42min) and follow the sign for Viavelez straight ahead.

Later the track bends left at the corner of a cemetery and turns into a narrow asphalt road (50min) (40 m). Branch off left to a track (54min) (35 m) without paying attention to the sign for Valdepares pointing straight ahead.

The track takes you to El Cerradin, a castle like building (59min) (40 m), by which you fork sharp left, to a track entering an eucalyptus forest. When you come to a spot, where the sign for Viavelez points straight ahead, branch off left to a path (1h03min) (30 m) to visit the impressive shore of Ribeira de Torbas with a small mill and waterfall (1h06min) (5 m).

Return to the track signposted to Vialvelez. Soon you look down to the beach of Monellos (1h11min) (35 m). When you reach the village of San Pelayo (1h17min) (40 m) keep left. Immediately after passing the chapel, before you come to the N-634, bend left.

Once again you follow the Viavelez sign to the left to a track (1h24min) (30 m). When the track forks (1h33min) (40 m), bear left. Be careful that you do not follow the white-red mark to the right at this point. In a minute you find the white-red mark also along the track you are walking on.

Later a sign for "Mirador de Viavelez" guides you to the left to the lookout spot of Viavelez (1h40min) (30 m), with views of the village and some lighthouses. From the end of the lookout spot you find steps down to the harbour, where you take the asphalt road to the right (1h43min) (5 m).

Soon a sign for San Pelayo shows the way to the right (1h46min) (5 m). The road takes you to the village of Meres, where you branch off right (1h54min) (45 m) to the already familiar fork (1h56min) (30 m). Continue to the left. Later you branch off right (2h01min) (45 m) and directly after that to the left.

You walk through the village of Valdepares to its church (2h05min) (40 m), where you turn left, and then, almost immediately to the right. On your way you pass an old washing house before the track forks (2h14min) (40 m). Keep right.

Once more you branch off right (2h19min) (45 m) and continue past the Atalaya back to the beach of Porcia (2h34min).

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