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West coast of Asturias
Barcia - Ermita de San Antonio de Concilleros - Concilleros - Camino de Misa - Siella de Anguilero - Los Llanones - Barcia






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-8 take the exit 467 towards Barcia and continue from the roundabout along the N-634 some 200 metres until a narrow asphalt road branches off left to a cemetery, which you can see from the N-634. You find a large parking place by the cemetery. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h35min/16.8km

This route is difficult to follow. Walk from the parking place (105 m) along a narrow asphalt road slightly uphill until another narrow asphalt road branches off left under the A-8 (2min) (110 m). When two tracks fork off right, take the first one, which leads to a pine forest (5min) (120 m).

Continue along this track, which ascends on the slope of Monte Barcia until an orange arrow guides you to the left (28min) (220 m). This track opens up nice views of the west coast with the villages of Barcia and Luarca. Ignore a track branching off left (45min) (290 m). Do not follow the orange arrow to the left at the next junction (49min) (295 m), but turn right uphill. Turn right also at the following fork (53min) (320 m).

At the subsequent junction, you follow a white-yellow waymark to the left (55min) (330 m). Do not pay attention to a track that branches off left, but continue straight ahead to the chapel of San Antonio (1h06min) (385 m). From the chapel, you can follow the sign for Pico Cabra on your right to visit the top of Monte Barcia with views to the sea and mountains (1h10min) (410 m) before you take the track left from the chapel signposted to "Alternativa B, PR-AS-3". When the track forks (1h18min) (420 m), keep left. The track bends left to the top of Concilleros (1h29min) (500 m), where you go through a gate on your right to a track called Camino de Misa.

The track slopes down to a junction with signposts (1h51min) (450 m). Follow the sign for "Pico Acebo, Pico Pomar" to the left, back to the north side of Concilleros. At the next fork, you go right (1h58min)n (470 m).

You come to a crossroads (2h01min) (485 m), where you go straight ahead. Ignore a branch to the right (2h05min) (465 m) and turn left at the following junction (2h11min) (425 m). Also, at the subsequent junciton, you turn left (2h14min) (405 m).

When you come to a spot with tracks branching off both right and left in Chao Argoma (2h22min) (395 m), keep on the main track, but fork off right straight after this spot. The track goes gently uphill and bends right to a lookout spot (2h34min) (425 m), with a sea view over the cape Busto all the way to the cape of Vidio.

Return to Chao Argoma, the spot with tracks branching off to both sides, and choose the track to the right, gently uphill (2h44min) (395 m). Looking right you see the top of Concilleros. When the track forks (3h09min) (460 m), keep right on the track, which runs along the crest of Los Llanones. After crossing the highest point of the crest, the track starts to snake its way downhill. At the junction (3h31min) (360 m), turn left and follow the main track under the A-8 back to the cemetery (4h35min).

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