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Playa de la Paloma
Tapia de Casariego - Encontrela - Serantes - Castelo - Playa de la Paloma - Playa de Tapia - Tapia de Casariego






Map for the route (ED50)


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Driving on the N-634 turn to Tapia de Casariego and continue on the Calle Conrado Villar, which runs north and south, until you reach the corner of Calle La Industria, where you find an information panel on the route "Ruta del Maz".  (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h37min/11.6km

Walk from the corner (25 m) along the Calle Conrado Villar leaving the Calle La Industria to your right. After passing the chapel of San Esteban you come to a fork (7min) (30 m), where you go left. At the next fork (11min) (5 m), follow the sign for "Ruta del Maz" to the right.

The narrow asphalt road goes under the N-634 and ascends to a fork (15min) (20 m), where you go right. From the backyard of the chapel of Encontrela begins a stone paved track (19min) (20 m). After crossing a bridge the pavement ends and you encounter a gigantic eucalyptus tree on your left (23min).

When you come to an asphalt road (27min), turn left. After some 50 meters, branch off right to a narrower asphalt road. You pass the fountain of the Virgen de la Encontrela and cross the river on your left along a narrow concrete bridge. Turn right.

Lined by meadows the asphalt road ascends gently to a junction (39min) (40 m), where you turn right. Ignore all side roads and keep straight ahead at the crossroads (47min) (50 m). You pass a golf course and go straight ahead also at the next crossroads (1h) (45 m).

In the village of Serantes, you turn right to the AS-32 (1h05min) (40 m). You pass the village chapel and handsome old houses before you reach the N-634 (1h11min) (35 m). Turn right and branch off left following the sign for Playa de Serantes (1h13min) (40 m). On your way you encounter seashell signs of the St James pilgrimage route.

At the crossroads (1h22min) (30 m), keep straight ahead crossing an asphalt road. Now you follow the sign for "GR-E-9, Tapia de Casariego". Soon the track opens up the first sea views.

Later you follow the sign for "Tapia de Casariego" to the right (1h24min) (25 m). Ignore a track branching off right and follw the sign "Castro de El Estreiro 200 m" straight ahead (1h28min) (25 m).

When you meet the next "GR-E-9" sign (1h34min) (25 m), which points right to a path, visit first the cape of Castelo by keeping on the track. From this cape (1h37min) (20 m) you look at the coast line with its capes, spits and points hiding lovely beaches and coves with islets, the closest called La Picuda.

Return back to the beginning of the path. When the path forks (1h47min) (10 m), go right. In a minute you come to a stone paved walkway, which leads to the beach of Paloma. After visiting this beach, continue uphill along the walkway. Soon it turns into a track (1h52min) (25 m).

When you reach an asphalt road (1h56min) (35 m), turn left. The road bends right by the camping of Playa de Tapia (2h02min) (25 m). At the next junction (2h05min) (20 m) you turn right. Shortly after, you branch off left over the bridge which leads to the beach of Tapia. From the beach you take steps to an asphalt road and turn left (2h13min) (20 m). After some 100 meters, branch off left to a walkway running along the cliffs. Along this walkway, you encounter lookout spots with benches. They open up nice views to the beaches and capes.

When you reach the Calle del Arquitecto Francisco Gonzalez Villamil (2h26min) (20 m), turn right and return to the beginning of the route (2h37min).

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