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Tapia de Casariego - Cabo Cebes - Punta Mirallos - Lagunas de Salave - Porcia - Salave - Tapia de Casariego






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-634 turn to Tapia de Casariego, where you follow the signs for "Puerto de Tapia de Casariego" and "Puerto" to a parking place close to the village harbour. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h50min/19.5km

From the parking place (10 m) you walk down to the harbour, where you take the steps to a lane. Turn right. Little later you branch off left to a very narrow lane (5min) (15 m). Walking along the lane on the cliffs you look down to the lighthouse and rocks surging from the sea. After a chapel on your left you continue along a street with houses on both sides through the village. When you come to a crossroads by a school (Escuela) go straight ahead.

Once you have left the village behind you walk along a narrow asphalt road lined by benches opening up a sea view with little islands. Soon you encounter an information panel on the route "Senda Costera E-9" (14min)(20 m). From now on the route is marked with white-red waymarks.

At the corner of a house, you follow the waymark to the left (20min) (30 m). The track lined by fields bends right. Follow the sign for "Cabo Cebes" to the left (27min) (30 m). From the cape (33 min) (15 m) you enjoy a nice sea view. Return to the junction and continue to the left.

At the next junction (41min) (30 m), you turn right for the "GR-9, Viavelez" and at the following junction to the left (47min) (40 m). Soon the sign for Viavelez guides you to the left again (50min) (40 m).

When you come to another junction with signs (1h02min) (35 m), turn left for "Punta Mirallos". From this cape you see curious rocks with caves and cavities (1h05min) (15 m). Return to the junction and continue to the left to a pine forest.

Next you branch off left for "Lagunas de Salave" (1h15min) (40 m) and straight after that to the right on a track that snakes its way to the lagoons (1h19min) (25 m).

Also at the next junction (1h25min) (45 m) you turn left towards "Viavelez". Soon the asphalt road bends left away from the N-634 running on your right. At the next fork (1h29min) (50 m), you go left.

After passing some buildings with loopholes on the walls you fork right (1h32min) (45 m). At the next fork (1h39min) (30 m) you follow the sign to the left. From the crossroads (1h45min) (40 m) you go straight ahead in accordance with the sign. The track bends right.

Ignore all side tracks towards the seashore until you come to a junction with signposts (1h55min) (45 m). Here you turn left. At the next junction the sign guides you to the right (2h01min) (55 m) and at the following to the left (2h07min) (50 m). Walking through a village of  keep left following the signs.

Later you enjoy a nice view of the cove of Porcia (2h20min) (40 m). Again the track bends right. Further on, the sign shows the way to the left (2h28min) (40 m). Close to the shore, you follow first the sign for "Cargadero de Porcia" to the left (2h30min) (15 m) to a lookout point (2h37min) (10 m). Looking down you see two rocks with rests of an old bridge, that used to be between them to serve the loading of ships.

Return to the crossroads and follow the sign for Viavelez straight ahead. The river Porcía keeps you company on your left. At a junction (2h45min) (15 m), follow the sign for "Palacio de Campo" to the right. Almost immediately, you have to turn right towards "Palacio de Campo". From now on you follow the waymarks of the St James pilgrimage route (Camino de Santiago), yellow seashells and arrows.

All along the way, you encounter old houses, which used to belong to the emigrants who became rich in America and turned back to their home country. Almost without exception you see loopholes on their walls.

The waymarks of the St James pilgrimage route guide you to the right (2h51min) (45 m), straight ahead (2h55min) (55 m), to the left and straight ahead again (3h) (50 m).

After passing a church in Salave you go straight ahead at the crossroads (3h12min) (55 m) and continue straight ahead until a large yellow arrow on a wall shos the way to the left.

When you reach the N-634 (3h16min) (55 m), turn right, walk some 15 meters and branch off right. At the next junction, go left (3h29min) (55 m) and return along the already familiar route back to the harbour (3h50min).

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