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Benasau - Penya Creus - Serrella - Alt del Alt - Benasau





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the CV-70 from Confrides to Benasau, pass the "Benasau" sign, and park the car at the "Restaurante - Bar Serrella", which is 150 meters from the sign. (Roadmap of Comtat)

Distance: 4h10min/13.5km

Walk back from the restaurant (705 m) to the "Benasau" sign, and turn uphill on a paved road. Ignore the left fork immediately after the turn. 150 meters further on (725 m), by a chapel, turn right and start following the white-yellow waymarks. When the road forks (7 min), bear right.

The paved road ascends along the southern slope of Sierra de Serrella through almond, olive and cherry groves. On the opposite slope you see the town of Alcoleja. The road turns first into a track (23 min) that snakes its way smoothly uphill.  Then the track peters out  into a path (45 min) (1035 m), which dives into a pine forest and comes to a sand road (53 min) (1080 m). Turn left on this ascending road.

When the road forks by a big green water tank (1h15min) (1240 m), curve left uphill. At the top (1h30min) (1290), you see two tracks coming in from the right. Join the one closest to you. The track lined by pine trees takes you to the Penya Creus. When the track ends (1h45min) (1315 m), find a path that climbs to the crest. If you cannot see the path clearly, just start climbing right uphill. You'll find the path further up. Atop the Penya Creus (1h50min) (1350 m) you come to a particularly good viewpoint over the Guadalest reservoir to the coast line. Around the Valley of Guadalest, you can see the mountains of Aixorta, Bernia and Aitana besides the eastern peaks of Serrella. In the northwest rises the Benicadell mountain. In the north you enjoy a sea view over the Seta valley.

Start following the crest to the Serrella summit where you see a wooden cottage. On your right the gorge Figueretes opens a view to the Seta valley. It looks like the path would go all the way to the summit, but after some twenty minutes you see the track on your right. Go left on this track, and, when you come to another track, turn right (2h12min) (1290 m). A path joins in from the right and you see the wooden cottage uphill (2h20min) (1320 m). Take the path to the cottage (2h25min) (1360 m) to enjoy views of Aitana, Montcabrer, Benicadell, Almudaina  and Safor. You can also look back to the route you have taken.

Return to the road and turn right (2h30min). In some ten minutes the road peters out into a path which goes through the Alt del Alt to a crest. At some points the path that goes along the crest is difficult to see, and the crest is very narrow with steep drops to the lower plain. When you have negotiated your way through the difficult part (3h) (1185 m), the path keeps descending to 1140 meters, and starts rising again. At the top (3h12min) (1175 m) it curves left. Ignore a path that forks right downhill (3h17min) (1160 m).

It is a steep haul back to Benasau. Most of the way, the path is just a trail of loose pebbles. Finally you emerge into a track (4h) (825 m). Turn left. You come to an aspahalt road. Turn right. Now you see behind the southwestern slope of Serrella along which you climbed down. From this angle the path seems to be almost unnegotiable. At the next junction, turn left, and, at the following one, turn right. Pass the chapel, and turn left. Descend to the CV-70, and turn right to the Restaurante - Bar Serrella (4h10min).

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