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Valle de Remuñe

Valle de Remuñe





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-139 from southwest to northeast through the town of Benasque. 11.6 km from Benasque you find a signpost for "Ball de Remuñe, Ibón de Remuñe" and an information panel on the left hand side of the road. The route starts by this sign. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h10min/8.5km

Take the ascending path that starts by the panel (1785 m), and follow the red waymarks. Walking in a forest of spruce and pine you cross a number of brooks. Keep left at forks.

Higher up the gorge of Aigüeta de Remuñe with rushing waters lines the route on your left (27min) (1950 m). On your right rises a rockwall that forms the boundary between Spain and France. Later you encounter a blue sign with an arrow pointing to the right for "Cdo Pintrat" (32min) (1975 m). Ignore it and continue straight ahead.

A short climb over boulders follows before you reach the crest (46min) (2045 m) and come to the waterfront. When you meet a wooden bridge (54min) (2050 m) cross the torrent. On the other side, the path runs on a grassy plain for some five minutes before taking you up along a steep rocky slope. Keep an eye on the piles of stones that guide you alternately to the left and right hand side of a brook

Almost immediately after reaching a plain closed by a circle of rock walls (1h32min) (2215 m) you spot the largest lagoon of the "Ibons de Remuñe" on the left hand side of the path. Also on your right lies a tiny lagoon.

The path skirts the lagoon ascending above it. The next of the Remuñe lagoons pops up below in the middle of boulders (1h44min) (2255 m)over which you have to negotiate your way to the waterfront (1h54min) (2240 m). Go round the lagoon to its westend (1h58min) where you find a clear path. Walk some 10 meters to a fork with stone piles to both directions, and take the path downhill to the right. At this point be very careful not to go up left where you end up scrambling in the middle of boulders for an eternity before you come to the Lagoon of Arenals (Ibonet dels Arenals) and to the pass of Remuñe which does not offer any spectacular views in the late summer.

Descending along the path you see the plain and another path below. Follow the stone piles that lead you to a brook (2h15min) (2210 m). Cross the brook and turn right. If you want to see the headwaters of the torrent, you can visit the Els Arenals de Remuñe by taking the path to the left, but it soon becomes narrow and very stony. 

Heading down to the right you cross the waters of an impressive fall (2h51min) (2090 m) and pass the already familiar wooden bridge (3h14min). This time you do not cross the bridge but continue straight ahead towards the Macizo de la Maladeta back to the beginning of the route (4h10min).

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