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Puerto de la Glera

A-139 - Ibón de la Solana - Ibón de Gorgutes - Puerto de la Glera - Pico de Sacroux - A-139





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-139 from southwest to northeast till the road ends. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h45min/10km

At the end of the road you find a sign for "Ibon de Gorgutes" and "Puerto de la Glera" (1790 m). The route is thoroughly marked with green waymarks and piles of stones. 

Take the steep path that starts by the signpost. Walking in a forest of spruce and pine you cross a wooden bridge (3min) (1810 m) and continue uphill along the slope of Plan de l'Ospital. Soon you see a waterfall on your left and the Hospital de Benasque below in the valley. The climb gets gentler and you start to follow a torrent on your right (26min) (2050 m). 

After crossing a bridge (30min) (2090 m) you follow the piles of stones up to the right. The path snakes it way through green meadows to the first lagoon,  Ibón de la Solana (54min) (2235 m), which is almost dry in the late summer. In the south, the views are dominated by  Macizo de la Maladeta

Keep ascending the slope to the Lagoon of Gorgutes (Ibón de Gorgutes) (1h10min) (2330 m). The path continues along its right side. Looking northwest you see Pico Estaus. Most probably you meet many marmots that rise up on their hind legs and watch you full of curiosity. From the north end of the lagoon (1h14min) (2315 m) the path runs to the Pass of Glera (1h20min) (2365 m) opening up a wonderful view to France.

Take a path to the left following a sign for "Sacroux" that you see painted on a rock. Also this route is well marked. First you walk gently uphill on a grassy slope, and then through a boulder field before the steep climb to the peak of Sacroux begins. Although the slope is steep, tufted grass clumps form steps that are easy to climb. Follow the stone piles.

The Peak of Sacroux (Pico de Sacroux) (2h) (2650 m) is part of the the boundary between France and Spain. The views to both countries are spectacular. The Valley of Benasque is encircled by Pico Estauas and Pico Bonneco, Macizo de la Maladeta with its glacier and Tuca de la Glera. On the French side, the mountains are often covered in mist. This "gorguera" moves rapidly along the flanks of the mountais and tells of the weather change. If the views are open to France you can admire the gentle forms of the green northern side of the Pyrenees, totally different from the rugged peaks of the Spanish side. The village you can see in the valley is Luchon.

Return the same way back to the beginning of the route (3h45min).

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