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Ermita San Isidro - Alto dels Tres Pines - Senda de Toll Vell - Caseta de Castello - Casa dels Enginyers - Fuente de la Duenya - Alberg de Rita - Ermita San Isidro





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: In Beneixama/Beneijama, head northwest to a white chapel (Ermita San Isidro) that you can see on top of a hill. The road to the chapel has a signpost "Fontanars 14 km". Drive on this road 2.6 km to the parking place at the foot of the hill. (Roadmap of Alt Vinalopó)

Distance: 5h05min/19km

Start by crossing the Fontanars road (705 m). Take the track downhill to the orchards. You have olive trees on your left and almond trees on your right. When the track forks (5min) (700 m), go right. By the signposts (8min) (695 m), go left to "Alt dels Tres Pines per Senda del Blanquinal", and almost immediately right to a path with the same sign. Further up you have nice views to the chapel of San Isidro and over the valley that stretches from east to west.

At the top, you find a board "Alt dels Tres Pinets 1016 m" (55min). The path ends by a lookout tower (1h00min) (1010 m). 

Leaving the top, take the descending track to the left. Soon (1h03min) (1000 m) you come to a junction with a sign for "Refugi De Castelló". Go right, and, when the track forks (1h10min) (980 m), go right again. Some 40 meters further you encounter two signs by a house. You have an opportunity to return to Benaixama, if you go right to "Senda Lloma Prima Benaixama". If you continue on the route, take the "Toll Vell" path to the left, which leads you to the "Refugi de Castello".

The path crosses a sandy track (1h13min) (960 m). On the opposite side of the track, the path goes first through a pine forest and starts then to follow the right hand side of the gorge (Barranco del Toll Vell). Sloping down gently this smooth path is real pleasure to walk or run.

When the path comes to a track (1h45min) (780 m), go right downhill. Some 30 meters further, go left. Ignore all side tracks and paths.

At the Refugi de Castello (1h55min) (800 m), curve right to a path which is signed for "Gamellons Per Senda Del Remallar". The signpost also points left to "Rita by Barranco De La Mollonera". You can follow this direction if you want to make a shortcut back to Beneixama.

The path to Gamellons climbs to the ridge you can see in front of you. Avoid the paths that turn left and right under the electricity wires. At the top you meet a road, "Pista de la Replana a la Font de la Duenya" (2h00min) (865 m). Cross this road to a track signposted to "Font de la Gamellons". Soon the track peters out into a path (2h04min) which gives an outlook to a valley lined by Sierra de la Villa.

The path slopes down to "Casa dels Enginyers" (2h30min) (705 m).

Ignore a sign pointing straight ahead for "Font de Gamellons", and bend sharp left to a path with a sign for "Senda dels Enginyers". Also this path is easy to walk and follow. Cross a track (3h05) (850 m), pass a cellar (La Cava) on your right (3h13min) (870 m), and you meet a road with many signposts (3h23min) (885 m).

Turn right to the "Pista de Replana", walk some 20 meters, and, fork left to a descending path with a sign for "Font de la Duenya". At the fountain (3h30min) (835 m), you can refill your water bottles.

Leaving the fountain, be sure to go to the path which you find below the fountain by bending sharp left signposted "Rita". You can see a white-yellow waymark on a pine trunk. Do not stray to the wide track that leads uphill.

Soon you encounter signs (3h40min). Turn right to "Rita". If you decided at the"Caseta de Castello" to take a shortcut to "Font de la Duenya", you come to this point. It takes only ten minuts to walk to the Caseta, if you turn left.

The path to Rita ascends first gently, but later more steeply. When you meet a road (4h15min) (950 m), go left for Rita. You will encounter the Alberg de Rita a minute later.

At the Alberg de Rita, go right for "Senda del Pontal", and at a T-junction (4h20min), go right again. After some 200 meters (4h22min) (980 m), watch for a sign pointing left. The path marked by stone pillars opens views to Beneixama and the chapel of San Isidro. This path descends to a track (5h) (720 m). Go right, and at the next fork, keep right again. Walk through the orchards back to the parking area (5h05min).

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