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Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Between Beniatjar and Rafol de Salem - 1.4 km from Beniatjar and 2 km from Rafol de Salem - a narrow road turns uphill from the CV-615. Drive 2.3 km on this road and turn right. 1.6 km further up is the forest house Casa les Planisses. (Roadmap of Vall d'Albaida)

Distance: 11km/2h55min

Start at Casa les Planisses (720 m) by taking the signposted path down to the fountain (Les fontes). You see the slopes of Benicadell in front of you. Follow the white-yellow waymarks, and ignore a left fork some 150 meters further. The fountain is a nice picnic place with tables and a fireplace. (6min) (640 m).

Continue from the fountain straight ahead following the sign for Pista Forestal and Alt Benicadell. The path bends to northwest and comes to the ruins of a house (20min) (645 m). A couple of meters before reaching the house, the path curves left, and widens to a track that goes through almond groves.

When you come to a sand road and signs (28min) (705 m), turn left for Alt Benicadell. Keep an eye on the right side of the road looking for signposts. When you encounter a sign for Alt Benicadell (40min) (785 m), take the path right uphill. At the fork (50min) (850 m), go left. If you go right, you will meet a dead end by a small cave and have to return to the fork. From the path you have a nice view over the Beniatjat town below and to the rock walls rising in front of you.

Further up the path starts ascending in zigzag. The next fork (1h20min) (985 m) is signposted. Go straight ahead for the Benicadell ice house (Nevera del Benicadell). Ignore a left fork which you encounter in two minutes, but go left at the signposted fork (1h25min) (1015 m). The ice house (1h28min) (1025 m) is well preserved with a roof and windows framed by climbing plants, and locates in a nice spot where you can have a break before returning to the Alt Benicadell fork (1h35min) (985 m). At the fork, turn right uphill for the plain of Benicadell (Alt Benciadell). From the plain continue on the path to the top of Benicadell.

The top of Benicadell (1h50min) (1104 m) opens a view to the surrounding valleys rimmed by mountain ranges. In the southeastern valley you can see the town of Beniarrés, and behind it the reservoir (Embalse de Beniarrés) lined by mountains all the way to Aitana, the highest top in Costa Blanca. The crest of Benicadell streches out southwestwards.

When you have descended back to the sand road (2h 40min), turn right to the Casa les Planisses (2h55min).

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