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Cavall Vert

Cavall Vert





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-715 towards Orba. By Orba turn on CV-718 signposted to La Vall de Laguar. This road joins the CV-721. Drive through Campell, Fleix and Benimaurell to the Olbis fountain. The fountain is easy to recognise by the stone tables and benches on the right hand side of the road. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 2h45min/9km

Start the walk at the Olbis fountain (Font dels Olbis) (580 m) by continuing the narrow asphalt road uphill. Pass the signposts on your right. Green hills dominate the scene. The Moorish steps are clearly visible on the northwestern slopes of the Costeras Baixes. When the road bends sharply left, you see the Migdia mountain range on your side and the Montgo mountain in front of you. Soon after that, when the road bends right, you find the sign for the Pass of Garga (Collado de Garga) on your left (15min) (680 m). Take this path.

When the path comes to a track by a house, turn right uphill, and a minute later, climb back on the path that forks left. At the top (25 min) (765 m) you find three signposts. The views encompass the plains of Cocoll (Alts del Cocoll), and, behind it, the Aixorta mountain (Serra d’Aixorta) in the south and southwest. The mountains of Aitana and Serrella are on their western side. The Gorge of Inferno splits the plains of Laguart in the north.

Turn left for Cavall Vert. The path follows the rolling ridge of the Penyó mountain (Serra del Penyó) to the east. Soon after the first hump (790 m), the path forks (33min) (785 m). Turn right downhill. The left fork leads you to a cross which you can see uphill.

Soon the path starts ascending again. After the next hump (45 min) (830 m), you can see Benichembla on your right in the eastern part of the Pop valley (Vall de Pop). In front of you rises Cavall Vert. Soon you find Benimaurell, Fleix and Campell on your left in the Laguart valley (Vall de Laguart). In the Denia valley the mountain range of Segária stretches out towards the sea. Between the mountain ranges of Carrasca and Migdia you see the coast line all the way to Cullera. 

The eminences get lower and the ridge narrower. Now you are walking mostly over the bedrock. Keep an eye on the white-yellow waymarks. Glyptography made by nature frames the views over the valleys.

When you encounter a shady rock wall where the route seems to come to a dead end (1h20min) (730 m), circle this splendid picnic spot by going right downhill.

The path forks by Cavall Vert (1h45min) (695 m).

The right fork, marked by splodges of red paint, leads to the top, but climbing there is very demanding. Although the partly vertical rockwall has footholds and handholds made by nature, climbing equipment are recommended.

The walking route, marked by white-yellow waymarks, continues left downhill. First the path descends to a junction (1h50min) (605 m). There are two paths on the opposite side of the track. Take the path on the left with the white-yellow waymark. At the next junction, turn right (2h) (555m), and at the subsequent one, turn left (2h05min) (530 m).

The narrow asphalt road which goes through the almond and cherry groves passes first a sign for the Gel fountain (Font del Gel) on your right, then the fountain of Penyo (Font de la Penyo) (2h10min) (535 m) and comes to a wider asphalt road by the Camusot fountain (Font dels Camusot) (2h25min) (500 m). Turn left to Benimaurell and return to the Olbis fountain (2h45min).

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