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Los Berchules - Barranco del Chapparal - Acequia Nueva - Los Berchules





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to Los Berchules. On the right hand side of the road you find an information panel on the walking routes. By the panel you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h55min/9.5km

Start walking along the road straight ahead. After passing a church the road forks (3min) (1300 m). Go left uphill.  Follow the "Lavadero y Fuente Grande" sign uphill. By the fountain bend right and take the narrow lane uphill. From now on keep left heading all the time uphill. When the lanes end (10min) (1355 m), continue on a path that ascends to a sand road (17min) (1385 m). Turn right.

When the road forks (20min), keep left. After crossing a stream it turns into a path (35min) (1430 m). When the path forks (53min) (1440 m), go right. You cross a number of streams before you reach a point where a water canal starts to follow the path on its left (1h23min) (1425 m). At this point you find a pole with a white-yellow waymark. 

If you continue ahead, you cross a stream along a charming stone bridge in about five minutes. Then the path ascends to a concrete bridge and house ruins. Return back to the white-yellow waymark.

If you did not visit the bridge, branch off right on a path that starts by the white-yellow waymark. Almost immediately a water canal starts to follow the path. The path runs very close to the canal. In some parts of the route the path is very narrow, and on your left you have a sheer drop into a gorge.

The path comes to a road (2h25min) (1390 m). Turn right uphill. When it forks, keep left (2h30min) (1410 m). Continue along the road until a path branches off left (2h45min) (1385 m). Follow this descending path back to the village (2h55min).

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