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Circuit of Bernia





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-750 to Jalon (Xalo). On the southern side of Jalon, you find the Cepsa gasolin station. Take the narrow asphalt road, Camino Cementerio, that runs uphill from the corner of the gasolin station. Drive one kilometer to a T-junction, and turn left on the CV-749. Drive 11.5 km on the CV-749, past the restaurant Bon Vent and Bar Restaurant Serra Bernia on your left, until you see a large information board on the route on your right, some 200 meters after the Bar Restaurant Serra Bernia. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 3h10min/8km

By the information board (610m), take the track that turns southwest to the fortress of Bernia (Fort de Bérnia). In early spring the blossoming almond trees give a pink hue to the landscape. If you want to spot marine fossiles, take a path to the right, when the track curves left uphill by a pine forest. You can see the quarry on the other side of the vineyard. Besides fossiles, you find also geologically interesting mineral aggregates and rocks. It takes a couple of minutes to walk to the quarry.

The track to the fortress opens up a nice view to the mountain of Ferrer before turning into a path (30min) (740m), which ascends gently to a saddle (45min) (820m), where you can climb up a big rock for better views, if you have a head for hights. The highest peak of Bernia with its 1126 meters is clearly visible from the saddle.

From the saddle the path slopes to remains of the fortress (47min), composed of a number of archs and some buildings.  The history and structure of the fortress are well presented in a number of boards you can find in different parts of the field. The peaks of Ponoch and Puig Campana rise in the South.

By the fortress, you have signposts to Casa Mengual and Fonts de Algar. Take the path for Fonts de Algar - PRV 7. On your left rises the crest of Bernia. From now on, it is important to pay attention to the white-yellow waymarks. First you descend to an altitude of 760 meters (1h), but then you start climbing upwards. Do not go all the way down to the houses you see below. When you see waymarks to both uphill and downhill, go uphill.

Also further up, it is easy to stray from the right path to one of the narrow paths market with red arrows. If you lose the well beaten path, look down for the white and yellow waymarks and a tall tree. Throughout the walk along the stony path on the southern side of Bernia you have fine views down over the valley and the east coast. The mountains of Ponoch and Puig Campana line the valley in the South.

When you reach a cave (2h) (850m), go in, and crawl through a short tunnel (some 20 meters) to the northern side of Bernia. Vast areas of Marina Alta open up before you. You will enjoy views over the towns of Denia, Moraira, Teulada and Benissa, and to the mountains of Montgo and Ferrer. Down in the valley you see the group of houses called Cases de Bernia. Vegetation on the northern side is more lush. Moist walls are covered with various climbing plants.

The path dips down to fountain of Bernia (3h) (600m). At the fountain, a narrow unpaved road curves left. You have a nice view to the mountain of Olta on your way back to the parking place (3h10min).

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