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CV-81 - Abastecimiento de Aguas Potables - Barranco dels Tarongers - Bocairent - Camino Vell Bocairent-Ontinyent - CV-81





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-81 from Ontinyent towards Bocairent. Carry on 1.2 km from the roundabout with the signposts Bocairent/Vallena to the Fontanars junction, which you recognise easily from a bridge and a big parking place on your right. The route does not start from here, but it is worth of parking for a while to admire the fine view down to the river. The CV-81 bends left by the Fontanars junction. Drive 500 meters further and park by the wooden signs on your right. (Roadmap of Vall d'Albaida)

Distance: 2h50min/11.5km

Start walking from the signposts (415 m) on the narrow sandroad past the water supply building (Abastecimiento de Aguas Potables) until you see a house at the end of the road. Some 50 meters before the house, a path forks right uphill (5min) (425 m). The creek of Barranc dels Tarongers flows on your left, until the path crosses it (10min) (425 m). On the opposite side of the creek, the path forks. Go right following the sign for the path of Barranc dels Tarongers. The creek is now on your right hidden by leaf-trees.

At the next fork (20min) (490 m) take the path downhill to the right. Do not go left uphill to the route V-9, which leads to the plain of Castellar.

The downhill path crosses the creek by the ruins of a textile factory (23min) (465 m). The creek accompanies you on the left for one minute more until the path crosses it again. The path widens to a track that passes a sign for "Font" which points right downhill (27min) (480 m). The track peters out into a path that changes into a trail and steps cut in a rock. The river flows in the gorge on your right.

At the top (55min) (650 m) the path crosses a track and starts descending. The mountain range of Mariola rises in front of you. When you encounter signposts (1h) (615 m), go right for Bocairent. The path turns into a track. Ignore a track that goes left downhill a couple of steps away from the signs.

When the track comes to a paved road (1h04min) (605 m), turn right. At the next junction (1h07min) (600 m), turn right again. The narrow aspahlt road passes the fountain of Bocairent just outside the town.

Only the electricity wires remind you of the present when you look at the town. A narrow bridge leading inside the strong protecting walls, and stone houses covering the hill belong all in the past. Bocairent offers a number of historical routes and buildings like Ermita del Santo Cristo and Cementerio Parroquial with its romantic entrance road. An information board shows two routes that follow the town walls: Ruta Magica ja Ruta de les Covetes. The cave route leads to the Moorish cave dwellings. This block of 53 flats which is build inside of a rock has seven floors. You can move between the rooms along narrow corridors and climb from one floor to another through small round holes. The windows open up a view to the town and the surrounding hills.

Return from Bocairent back to the signs (1h40min), and turn right for "Cami Vell Bocairent - Ontinyent". When the track forks (1h50min) (645 m), take the left fork with the white-yellow waymark. A couple of minutes later this track meets another. Turn left again. The track ascends to a hill (2h) (670 m) and starts descending. When it forks (2h03min) (655 m), go right. In a minute, the track joins another track cut in a rock. Turn left.

In the next junction (2h15min) (575 m), ignore the path on the opposite side of the track that climbs uphill following the electricity lines, and turn right. Soon you see a path on the opposite slope that runs in the horizontal plane. Less than two minutes away from the junction is the entrance to this path on your left (570 m).

The path opens up spectacular views down over the river valley. Soon you see an old railroad passing through a number of tunnels. The gently descending path comes to CV-81 (2h 40min) (440 m). Turn left and return to the starting point of the route (2h50min).

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