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Río Algar

Bolulla - Rafalet - Río Algar - Casa Pons - Sacos - Bolulla





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on CV-715 to Bolulla and cross the small bridge of Bolulla river that runs on the north-eastern side of the town parallel with the CV-715. On the other side of the bridge you find an asphalt road with parking space. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 3h40min/15.5km

Start walking from the parking space (195 m) southeast on the asphalt road. The river runs on your right for the first couple of hundred meters. On your left you have orchards with medlar, persimmon, pear and citrus trees. On top of the first hill, the whole village of Bolulla appears behind you. Ignore all side roads and tracks. Later, you walk through a pine forest.

Further up, the road reveals the summits of Bernia, Ponoch, Puig Campana and Aixorta. Almond and olive trees become most dominant, but here and there you find apple and plum trees.

Soon after you reach the highest point of the hill and have a clear view over Tarbena, a narrow asphalt road with a sign for Rafalet ascends from the right hand side of the road (1h) (510 m). Take this road. When it forks (1h3min) (520 m), go right downhill. The road turns into a walkway. At a sharp bend left downhill (1h10min) (500 m), take the track that goes straight ahead. Do not continue on the walkway.

When the track forks (1h15min) (475 m), go right downhill. The track is lined by bright broad-leaf trees, wild asparagus and blackberry bushes. When you come to a crossroads (1h35min) (360 m), keep straight ahead, and when the track forks (1h40min) (330 m) by a ruined building, go left downhill. Ahead, on the opposite side of the valley you see the gorge of Curt (Barranco del Curt) and the track you are heading to. In the northeast you see the mountain range of Ferrer.

The route crosses the Algar river (1h52min) (220 m). On the other side of the river, the track forks. Go right

The track ascends through a pine forest to Casa Pons which you find on top of the Pollastre hill (2h15min) (335 m). Heading southwest the track stays on the slopes of Sacos offering views to the river before descending to an avocado grove. At the crossroads (2h50min) (185 m) keep straight ahead and you meet the Algar river again.

Soon after crossing the river, you come to a junction. Turn sharp right. The road leads you through citrus groves to another, wider road (3h05min) (245 m). Turn right on this asphalt road which leads you back to the parking space in Bolulla (3h40min).

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