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Sendero Loma Pelada

Cala Higuera (San José)  - Loma Pelada - Cala del Embarcadero - El Fraile - Cala Higuera





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)


How to get there: Drive on the AL-1004 to San José. Before you reach the roundabout, turn left on a road signposted to "Cala Higuera" and "Camping Tau".  Ignore a road that turns right some 500 meters further. When the road forks into three 1.2 km from the "Cala Higuera" junction, continue straight ahead. Again, ignore a road that turns right some 200 meters further, but turn right 300 meters after this junction. Drive 100 meters and park your car by the information panel on the route. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h50min/16.5km

By the information panel (15 m)  you find a track that soon forks (1min) (15 m). Go left. The track turns into a path. Keep left also at the next fork (4min) (35 m). The path widens into a track. A couple of minutes later a white arrow guides you to the right (6min) (40 m). The track turns into a path. At the following fork, the white arrow points to the right again  (11min) (85 m).

From now on, the route follows a wide track. Looking behid you see the village of San José. Soon you enjoy fantastic seaviews over the coast with numerous bays and capes. Later a group of mountains opens up before you. The track ascends to 125 meters and starts then to descend gently (22min). In front rises the El Fraile. When you meet an information panel on your left (1h34min) (15 m), continue straight ahead. You pass the bay of Embarcadero (1h38min) and walk on an asphalt road to Escullos dominated by the castle of San Felipe. When a track branches off left, you see an information panel on the route of Pozo de los Frailes (1h50min) (5 m). Take this track.

At the first fork (1h57min) (10 m), go right, and at the second 2h05min) (15 m), go left. Almost immediately, you come to a junction. Turn left, walk some 50 meters and take a track on your right behind a gate. The track ascends gently towards the mountain of El Fraile. Ignore a track that branches off right (2h20min) (95 m). When the track forks (2h23min) (70 m), keep left.

The track becomes grassy (2h32min) (180 m) and turns into a path. Immediately after turning into a path, another path marked with a pile of stones forks off right towards a group of caves which you can discern higher up on the slope. By the caves (2h43min) (225 m) the narrow path bends right uphill. It leads to the edge of a gorge (2h47min) (235 m), and follows it a couple of meters uphill before crossing it. Keep following the gorge upwards keeping an eye on the stone piles waymarking the path. If you lose the piles keep going towards the lowest point of the crest. When you reach it (3h) (355 m) views over the coast, valley and lower mountains are superb. On your left towers one of the peaks of El Fraile. Below lies the track on which you walked from Cala Higuera to Escullos. It looks like easy to reach, and a path down towards it starts from the crest. But the route down the slope is difficult. The path does not go all the way down, and the slope is stony. We recommend that you return on the same route you came up (5h50min).

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