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Sendero Loma Pelada

Sendero La Molata





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AL-3106 to Las Negras. Almost immediately after arriving in the village, turn right on a road signposted to "Cala del Cuervo". About 1 km further, you encounter the gate of the "Camping la Caleta". Turn left towards "Restaurante la Caleta" and park your car right after the turn. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h50min/7km

Walk from the parking place towards the restaurant of Caleta and start the route by an information panel which you find close to the beach on the right hand side of the road (5 m). Follow the wooden poles with arrows leading you uphill at forks. When you encounter another path  (5min) (40 m), turn right following the arrow. When the route levels out (9min) (65 m) you see the bay of Cuervo behind and the bay of Playazo in front. White and yellowish cliffs projecting to the blue sea are spectacular. 

The path descends towards the castle of San Ramón, leaves the castle to your left and comes to the beach of Playazo, where you encounter another information panel on the route (28min) (10 m). Continue on a track that leads you over a sand road (33min) (5 m), snakes its way uphill and peters out into a path (43min) (30 m).

The path climbs to a crest (49min) (85 m) where you find another path branching off left uphill. Follow it to Cerrico Romeros crest (56min) (120 m) that opens up a beautiful seaview. Continue left uphill to the top marked with two high piles of stones (1h) (140 m). You enjoy fine views to the coastline. Return the same way back to the beginning of the route (1h50min).

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