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Sendero San Pedro

Las Negras - Cala de San Pedro - Playa el Plomo - Agua Amarga





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AL-3106 to the village of Las Negras. In the village centre you find a sign for "Playa de San Pedro". Follow this sign and let the other "San Pedro" signs guide you to the information panel on the route, which you find some 800 meters further on, on the right hand side of the road.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h45min/11km

Before starting, make sure that you have a transportation from Agua Amarga back to the Las Negras, or that you have enough time to walk back.

By the panel you find a wide ascending track (20 m). You enjoy beautiful seaviews with Las Negras and numerous bays. When the track forks by fields (35min) (100 m), keep right. The track turns into a path (40min) (95 m) that starts to descend to the bay of San Pedro. Looking down from the sheer cliffs you see a stony shore. By the castle of San Pedro (1h) (40 m), go right downhill towards the beach (1h05min) (0 m). On your way you pass pieces of art created by the inhabitants of San Pedro. On the beach you find an information panel on the bay.

Continue from the "Cala San Pedro" panel on a path to the left, and bend right after some 100 meters. You find the path towards Agua Amarga by a house with a round tower (1h09min) (20 m). Follow stone piles waymarking this ascending path. It climbs to a plateau, where it bends right, away from the sea (1h32min) (200 m). From now on the path ascends gently through the plateau to the cliffs opening extensive views down to the coast (1h42min) (235 m). The route curves left uphill following the cliffs and starts to go downhill after you reach the altitude of 245 m. When the path forks (2h) (205 m), go left. Follow the clear path which you can see hundrets of meters in front of you, and ignore all side paths.

The bay of Plomo comes into sight (2h23min) (135 m) and the path slopes down to a sand road (2h43min) (5 m). Turn right. The road leads to the beach, where it bends left, away from the beach. About 300 m further you find a wooden pole with a white arrow pointing right on a path (2h52min) (5 m). From now on the route offers only modest views. You walk over a few sandstone hillocks and come to a track (3h10min) (5 m) which you follow to the right.

When you reach a lovely beach, take the path to the left (3h15min) (5 m). This path has no pole nor any other waymark. The path climbs uphill and meets another path (3h27min) (80 m). Turn right and descend to Agua Amarga (3h40min). By the information panel you find a track that leads to the village (3h45min) (5 m).

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