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Sendero Vela Blanca

Sendero Vela Blanca





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)


How to get there: Drive on the AL-1004 to San José. Continue from the first roundabout some 60 meters uphill straight ahead and turn right towards Genoveses and Monsul according to the signposts. Drive 1.3 km and turn right again towards "Playas de Las Genoveses" and Playa de Monsul". When the road forks, some 2 km further on, keep right following the sign for Playa Monsul. After driving some 2.5 km ignore the road branching off to the left signposted to Playa Monsul. Ignore also another road off to the left with a sign for Cala de la Media Luna some 400 meters further on, and keep ahead still a good 1 km until the road ends by a gate blocking motor traffic.  (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h/4km

The route goes along a track that starts on the other side of the gate (40 m). Ascending gently the track opens up views over the bays and capes of the east and south coast. You can discern the bays of Barronal, Monsul, Media Luna and Carbón, and the capes of Redonda and Colorá. Higher up you follow the gorge of Parra and cross it later on (20min) (135 m).

The track ends by the gate of Vela Blanca (30min) (190 m). On the other side starts an asphalt road which you follow to the left. When you reach the tower of Vela Blanca (35min) (215 m) the views encompass a number of bays and mountains. You can see the Cerro de los Frailes, the highest peak of the nature park with its 493 meters. On its right rise Ave María and El Barronal. Return the same way back to the beginning of the route (1h).

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