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Cabo de Peņas
Puerto Llampero - Playa de Carniciega - Playa de Verdicio - Bocalin - Faro del Cabo de Peņas - Puerto Llampero






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: The starting point of this route is difficult to find. Driving on the AS-328 turn on a narrow asphalt road without a sign between the kilometre posts 9 and 10. Continue along this road some 1.5 km through a nameless village straight ahead to Puerto Llampero. At the entrance of Puerto Llampero you encounter on your left wooden signs of walking routes. Also the parking place is on the left hand side of the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h40min/20km

Follow the wooden sign for "Cabo de Peņas" (25 m) and a yellow arrow on the wall lining the road down towards the shore. When you see from the road a path branching off left, take this path (5min) (15 m) to a cape. The path goes round the cape and ascends then in zigzag back to the road (10min) (35 m). Turn left.

Along your way you enjoy nice views to small coves and the beach of Agullera. The road ascends to a small village, where the waymark guides you to the left (26min) (85 m). Soon the asphalt ends and you start to follow a track.

Later you take a path that branches off left (41min) (75 m), to the cliffs. Almost immediately you encounter a bench, which opens up a beautiful sea view. All along the path you look down to sandy beaches and to small villages.

The path comes back to the track (50min) (65 m), which descends to a junction above the beach of Carniciega (Playa de Carniciega) (54min) (35 m). Turn right. Straight after that you ignore a track branching off right. Soon you see the beach of Verdicio (Playa de Verdicio) on your left. The track descends to the village of Verdicio (1h) (10 m). Turn left following the sign for "Cabo de Peņas". After crossing a river, you follow an arrow to the left to a path, which leads to the shore. The sandy path goes parallel with the beach and starts then to follow the wall of the village. At the corner of the wall, you turn right and walk to an asphalt road (1h07min) (15 m), which you follow to the right.

Later you take the walkway running beside the asphalt road (1h13min) (20 m) and start to follow the wooden poles of "PR-AS-257". Ath the next crossroads (1h18min) (30 m) you go straight ahead and at the following (1h31min) (70 m) you turn right. Once you reach the village of Bocalin, you turn left at the crossroads by the village church (1h35min) (95 m). When the road forks, follow the sign for "Cabo de Peņas" to the left. Soon the pavement ends and you continue on a track.

You pass a lookout spot (1h40min) (85 m), with a nice view to the cliffs. At the next junction (1h55min) (90 m) you turn left to a track lined by meadows, and at the following junction to the right (2h02min) (105 m). Looking ahead you see the lighthouse of Cabo de Peņas.

The lighthouse (2h12min) (100 m) is part of a larger building of "Medio Marino de Peņas", where you can get familiar with the flora, fauna and nature of this cape. In the surroundings of the lighthouse you find wooden walkways opening up sea views to the capes of El Pegallo and El Castro. From the bar you can take a track to the cape of La Gaviera.

After exploring the surroundings of the lighthouse, follow the wooden walkway behind the lighthouse to its end (2h15min) (95 m), and continue along a path that goes to the cliffs. You enjoy splendid views from this charming path which becomes later a grassy track. From the cape of La Taya you look down to the island of Erbosa.

Make for the tall concrete pole ahead. Just before you reach this pole the the track comes back to the familiar sand road (2h40min) (105 m), which you follow to the right and turn almost immediately to the left. Return back to Puerto Llampero (4h40min).

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