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Coast of Asturias
Luanco - La Mofosa - Playa de Moniello - Playa Bañugues - Luanco






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How to get there: Drive on the AS-238 or the AS-239 to Luanco, where you follow the Avenida del Gayo to its east end, to the beach of Luanco (Playa Luanco), where you find a large parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h38min/12km

From the parking place (15 m) you take the steps up to the cliffs and continue along a walkway to the recreation area of La Mofosa (7min) (40 m). The sea view over the bay of Luanco reach all the way to the Picos de Europa.

From the recreation area you follow a track to a fork, where you find an information panel on the walking route "Senda Peatonal Luanco-Moniello-Bañugues" (9min) (30 m). Continue to the left along a concrete walkway.

From the first cape (Punta de la Vaca) (21min) (45 m) opens up a view of the Cape Aguión. You ascend along a wide path to the top of a hill (32min) (80 m). When the path forks (37min) (80 m), follow the sign for "Playa de Moniello" to the right. In a couple of minutes you can visit another cape, with views of the Punta l'Aguión in front and Punta de la Vaca behind, before you continue on the main path.

The path descends through an eucalyptus forest to a junction (45min) (60 m), where you turn right towards Moniello. Once you reach the beach of Moniello (50min) (10 m), cross a narrow asphalt road to the steps, which ascend to the beach park of Moniello (Parque Playa de Moniello) (55min) (25 m).

From the park branches off right a path to the cape of L'Aguión. From its end (59min) (15 m) you can watch the waves breaking down against the cliffs in the cove of Palleya.

Return to the park and take the path leading to the top of a hill (1h10min) (50 m) with views to the cape of Vaca and the village of Bañugues the cape of Sabugo on the right hand side of the village.

On the beach of Bañugues (1h30min) (5 m) you come to a bridge. Just before this bridge, you take an asphalt road to the left. Soon you encounter a walking route sign "PR-AS-257". When you come to a fork (1h36min) (30 m), follow the sign for "Moniello" to the left, to a track, and straight after that, at the next fork, left again.

Later you follow the sign for "Luanco" to the right (1h42min) (50 m). The track takes you to a village, where it runs first parallel with an asphalt road, bends then left, and turns into a path. After some 20 metres, the path turn into a track. At the following junction (1h59min) (55 m) the sign for "Luanco" guides you to the left.

When you reach the road GO-2 (2h04min) (35 m), turn left. After a while, you branch off right towards "Playa de Moniello". This narrow asphalt road takes you to the beach of Moniello (2h09min), where you take the already familiar track to the junction, where you keep right following the sign for "Luanco". Also at the next junction (2h23min) (95 m) you turn right. Straight after that you turn left towards the sea.

Later you branch off left again (2h31min) (35 m). After crossing a couple of asphalt roads, you reach the Avenida del Gayo and walk back to the parking place (2h38min).

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