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Faro de San Juan de Nieva
Faro de San Juan de Nieva - Pueblo de Nieva - Playa Xagó - Punta Llampero - Faro de San Juan de Nieva






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the AS-328 turn to the GO-14, which leads to the lighthouse of San Juan de Nieva (Faro de San Juan de Nieva). (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h40min/16.4km

From the lighthouse (25 m) starts a grassy track towards the cliffs. The track goes round a narrow cove and continues towards a concrete building with a large cross on its wall. Before you reach this building, the track bends right. A number of tracks run close to the cliffs, but take the grassy track on the edge of the cliffs. On your way along the Peninsula of San Juan you enjoy nice views to the cheer cliffs ahead.

Later the track joins a narrow sand road (17min) (40 m), which bends right to the village of Pueblo de Nieva (25min) (60 m). In the village, you follow the sign for "Faro de Peñas" down left. The sand turns into asphalt. You pass a small church and follow a white-yellow waymark downhill to the left (33min) (25 m) to the beach of Xagó (Playa de Xagó) (35min) (10 m).

Do not go right to an asphalt road, but follow the sand road, which runs parallel with the seashore. Soon it narrows into a track. By the steps on your left the track becomes narrower and leads to an eucalyptus forest (43min) (15 m).

When you come to an asphalt road (46min) (15 m), turn right. Almost immediately you come to another junction, where you turn left and straight after that right uphill following a white-yellow waymark. The road ascends to the highlands of Xagó (58min) (95 m) and continues through it to a house (1h) (100 m), by which you take the track downhill lined by a fence. Looking ahead you see the village of Otero.

The track descends to the skirts of Otero by a traditional storage cottage (1h06min) (55 m). At the junction, you follow the sign for "Faro de Peñas" uphill to the left. At the next junction, turn left towards the seashore.

The road runs through the valley of La Fabariega. Ignore all side roads to the left, until a white-yellow pole guides you to the left towards a large concrete building (1h28min) (75 m). Before you reach this building, you come to a junction, where you turn right (1h34min) (75 m). Ignore a track with a white-yellow cross that branches off right, but take the track (1h41min) (60 m), which branches off right just before the main road starts to descend steeply towards a stony beach.

The track bends left towards the cape of Llampera and continues through an opening in the hedge to the tip of the cape (1h55min) (35 m). From this grassy cape opens up a great view over the harbour of Llampero to sandy beaches all the way to the Cabo de Peñas.

Return on the same way back to the lighthouse of San Juan de Nieva (3h40min).

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