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Callosa d'En Sarrià - Río Guadalest - Gines - Ferragets - Callosa d'En Sarrià





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on CV-755 to Callosa d'En Sarrià. In the roundabout, take the C-3313 towards Alcoi and Guadalest. After 800 meters you reach the exit sign from Callosa d'En Sarrià. The route starts from here. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 3h05min/12.5km

By the sign of Callosa d'En Sarriá (245 m) you find a narrow asphalt road that goes downhill to the medlar (nispero) groves. You are circled by the mountains of Aitana, Serrella and Aixorta. The River of Guadalest together with the track you are heading to runs in the middle of a green belt. Ignore all side roads and tracks, until you come to a crossroads where the asphalt ends (15min) (155 m). Go right, and start following the river that flows on your right.

When the track forks (18min), go right. Walk to the end of the track, and cross the river (22min) (160 m). There are stepping stones in the river, but most probably you get your feet wet. On the other side of the river, go left.

Take a concrete walkway uphill to the right (24min), and, above a building, bend left on a sand track (28min) (190 m). Keep left at the next two forks. The track peters out into a path (45min) (180 m). The vegetation gets so dense that the path is hardly visible, but if you keep going on, the path soon joins a track (48min).

The track bends to the right and crosses the river (53min) (190 m). Almost immediately after that, it forks. On you right you see a house. Take the left fork and ford the river. On the other side of the river, the track turns into a path, which leads to an old dam (1h) (195 m). Cross the dam wall from the left hand side.

On the other side you find a track. This track crosses the river two times before it forks under a bridge (1h15min) (215 m). The left uphill fork takes you to the C-3313 road (1h17min) (230 m). Turn left, walk some 30 meters, and turn right uphill on a narrow paved road before the bridge that crosses the Guadalest river.

The road passes the Gines village and meets an asphalt road (1h35min) (340 m). Turn left uphill along the Ferragets hill. Soon you see the Bernia mountain and the sea on your left. The Ponoch mountain and eastern slopes of Aitana rise in front of you. Later on, you have the Aixorta and Serrella mountains on your right. Also you can see the Guadalest castle set high up on a pinnacle and carved out of a mountain top.

After passing a big round water tank on the right hand side of the road, look for a track on your left. Take this track (1h55min) (450 m), marked by blue arrows that you find painted on both sides of the track. 

When you come to a crossroads (2h) (445 m), go straight ahead. In a minute, the track forks. Take the left fork. Now you have Bernia in front of you. Ignore all uphill paths and tracks. Also, at the next fork, go left downhill (2h10min) (350 m).

When you come to a T-junction (2h20min) (320 m), turn right. At the first fork after the junction (2h22min), keep right, do not bend left downhill. At the second fork (2h24min), go left, at the third (2h32min) (320 m), go right downhill to a pine forest, and at the fourth (2h38min) (280 m), go left downhill.

Soon the track turns into a path (2h41min) (260 m) revealing the Callosa d'En Sarriá and Sierra del Ferrer in front of you. When you come to a track (2h48min) (190 m), turn right. In a minute, you meet a T-junction. Turn left on an asphalt road. Cross the river (2h55min) (145 m), keep left, and at the crossroads go uphill straight ahead to the C-3313 (3h05min).

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