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Capileira - Cebadilla - Puente Abuchite - Capileira





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-4132 turn on the A-4129 signposted to Capileira and Bubión. After 4 kilometres you arrive in Capileira. In the upper part of the village, the road curves sharp right. The route begins here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h32min/8km

Descend from the left hand side of the A-4129 (1440 m) on a cobbled street. After some 30 meters you find a sign for Camino Serra on your right (1min). Follow this track uphill. You come to a crossroads with an information panel on the route (5min) (1465 m). Keep straight ahead. The wide path ascends to a water supply cottage (15min) (1520 m) where a white arrow guides you to the right. The route follows the gorge of Poqueira.

When you meet a track (25min) (1570 m) go right following the sign for Cebadilla and the white arrow. Soon you see an arrow pointing to a path that branches off from the left hand side of the track (28min) (1575 m). This path crosses a couple of brooks and comes to a sand road (43min) (1610 m). Turn left and continue to Cebadilla (1h) (1515 m). The river of Poqueira flows on your left.

Just before you reach the electricity plant, you come to a bridge that crosses the gorge of Poqueira (1h06min) (1510 m). On the other side of the bridge, you start to follow a track uphill to the left. When it curves right (1h16min) (1565 m), branch off left on a path with a white arrow. When the path forks (1h20min) (1565 m), keep left following the red and green circles. In some places water streams down the path. Soon you cross a swift brook (1h25min) (1530 m) and after that the first stonebridge (1h30min) (1530 m).

Lined with chestnut, walnut, fig and oak trees the path goes down to the romantic stonebridge of Abuchite (2h) (1300 m) with a lovely view down to the river. On the other side of the bridge, the path is paved with stones. When you meet a track (2h12min) (1380 m), turn right. The track leads to Capileira (2h24min) (1420 m). Ascend along the streets back to the starting point of the route (2h32min).

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