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Puente Chistal

Capileira - Puente Chistal - Puente del Molino - Capileira





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: How to get there: Driving on the A-4132 turn on the A-4129 signposted to Capileira and Bubión. After 4 kilometres you arrive in Capileira. In the upper part of the village, the road curves sharp right. The route begins here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h50min/4km

Descend from the left hand side of the A-4129 (1420 m) on a cobbled street. After some 30 meters you come to a crossroads. On your left is the fountain of Carril and on your right a sign for Camino Serra (1min). Continue straight ahead on a narrow lane downhill. The lane turns into a walkway that has a couple of sharp bends. At the second bend you find a signpost to Camino Puente de Chistal (5min) (1365 m). Take the steep path downhill that branches off by the sign.

When the path forks, keep left following the red circle and the white arrow (20min) (1265 m). Along the path you encounter also white-red waymarks. The path leads to the bridge of Chistal (27min) (1225 m). After you have crossed the bridge follow the well-beaten path and keep left downhill at the forks. Follow the signs for Puente Molino and Bubión.

Walking through the forest you enjoy views to Capileira and Bubión, and later on to the mountain of and waterfall.

When you come to a junction (1h) (1200 m), turn right. In five minutes you reach a brook. Do not cross it, but fork left downhill. A wide path paved with stones descends to the bridge of Molino (1h08min) (1100 m).  On the other side of the bridge, the path curves first left and snakes then uphill. Soon you encounter a stone panel with signs (1h13min) (1145 m) that leads you left towards Capileira. The path turns into a track (Camino de las Higuerillas) (1h40min) (1345 m) and, later on, into a concrete walkway, on which you walked in the beginning of the route. Continue along the walkway back to the beginning of the route (1h50min).

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