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Sendero Río Borosa

Sendero Río Borosa





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-319 between Cazorla and El Tranco to the Torre del Vinagre´s visitor centre (Centor de Visitantes Torre del Vinagre), by the kilometre post 48. By this centre you find a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Picifactoria" and "Centor de Visitantes Río Borosa". Drive 1.5 km on this road to the Río Borosa information centre. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h30min/16km

Right from the gate of the centre starts a track (675 m) that leads to an aspalt road (1min) (680 m). Turn left and walk past the fish farm over a bridge and pass a fountain to the information panel on this walking route (3min) (675 m). By the panel starts a sand road closed to traffic. The Borosa river rushes on your right. On your left, water keeps trickling along the rock walls to the road lined by fountains. The creek of Guardahornillos joins the Borosa from the right hand slope. Tall pines with black trunks grow half way horizontally on the opposite side of the river.

When this gently ascending road forks after crossing a bridge (23min) (725 m), go left following the sign for "Laguna de Valdeazores". You cross another bridge (30min) (740 m) and encounter a wooden pole with a white arrow pointing right to a path (38min) (750 m). Follow this charming path that goes over three bridges before entering a narrow passage (Cerrada de Elías) where the river brawls between sheer rock walls (52min) (775 m). Wooden railings protect you along this passage.

The path takes you to a track (58min) (785 m). Turn right. The track crosses a bridge and continues uphill lined by magnificent rock walls towards the peaks of rising in front of you. You pass a fountain and a number of brooks running down from the slopes.

The track ends after a bridge by a small group of buildings (1h35min) (915 m). On the right hand side of the house you see a wooden pole waymarking a path. After crossing a bridge (1h37min) (920 m) go straight ahead towards the cliffs with spraying water. You ascend along the path between green mountainsides with old oaks passing a waterfall to a tunnel (2h05min) (1220 m). A headlamp or a torch is helpful when you go through this more than 100 meters long tunnel. A couple of minutes after the exit of this tunnel, you meet another, much shorter tunnel (2h13min) (1220 m). Shortly after this one you reach the reservoir with a bridge over the dam wall (2h20min) (1230 m). Return on the same way back to the beginning of the route (4h30min).

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