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Sendero La Toba - Anchuricas

Sendero La Toba - Anchuricas





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the JF-7038 to Toba. This road is hard to find. Soon after you turn to the tiny village, which is easy to miss, you see the Consultoria La Toba on your left. By this building you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/12.5km

Start from the parking place of the Consultorio (960 m) by taking the narrow asphalt road to the left. You walk through the village to the end of the road (8min) ((995 m), where you find a track that goes right close to the river. The track bends left and you find the first wooden pole with a white arrow waymarking the route. Higher up you have the first view over the Anchuricas reservoir (13min) (1020 m). 

The track winds its way through a pine forest staying almost at the same altitude. After a good hour you come to a lookout spot opening an extensive view over the oblong reservoir almost in its full lenght (1h05min) (1000 m). Looking northwest you see the hill of Calar. In the direction of La Toba the reservoir is lined by the Calar del Pino. After the lookout spot you see the dam wall down below and the hill of Peguera in front. 

The track descends under the bridge that goes over the reservoir and crosses the reservoir (1h30min) (880 m). In the spring, the water is so high that you have to wade. 

On the other side the track ascends to a narrow sand road (1h36min) (910 m). Turn left and walk to the bridge crossing the reservoir (1h43min) (915 m). From the right end of the bridge you find a ladder over the wall and steps.  Climb up to a path and turn left. 

The narrow path leads to a vegetable garden below a stone cottage. Follow the edge of the garden upwards behind the cottage where you find a road (2h) (985 m). This road comes soon to a narrow asphalt road. Turn left.

The crest of the Calar de las Pilillas rises on the opposite side of the reservoir. Approaching La Toba you enjoy nice views to the rock walls above the village. Walk back to the beginning of the route (3h10min).

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