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Camping Forcallo - Balsa del Abet - Camping Forcallo

Camping Forcallo - Balsa del Abet - Camping Forcallo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín 1.8 km from San Juan de Plan towards Gistaín until you see a sign for "Parque Natural" on the right hand side of the road. Turn on this sand road. After 5.4 km the road forks. Go left following the signs for "Camping Forcallo" and "Campamento Virgen Blanca". You pass the campsite of Virgen Blanca after 2.9 km. Drive 300 meters further to the campsite of Forcallo. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h30min/15km

Opposite the coffee house of the campsite you find an information panel and signposts (1575 m). By the panel starts a path downhill towards the "Refugio d'els Plans". You cross the bridge over the river  Zinqueta d'Añes Cruzes and come to a track by the cottage of Plans (3min) (1565 m). Turn right. Almost immediately you see a sign for "S. Juan por Balsa del Abet" that points straight ahead. The river Zinqueta flows on your right.

Walking along this beautiful track you go through a gate and cross a bridge (20min) (1510 m). Later you cross a number of brooks on stones or duckboards. On your way you can admire the autumn tints, if you make this excursion in September or October. 

Another track branches off left (35min) (1480 m). Take this ascending track for the tarn of Abet. For a while a brook flows on your right. Also this track is easy to walk. In some places it is covered by moss and grass. Snaking its way upwards the track opens up wonderful views to the mountains, first to the slopes of  Berdemené and later to the tops of Punta Suelsa and Bachimala. In the valley of Chistau you see traditional stone cottages.

Ignore all sidetracks and follow the main track to a fork (1h20min) (1840 m). Although you see a red pole on the right branch, go left uphill.  A couple of minutes later you see the pond of Abet down on your right. You cross a brook and ascend to a pass, where you can enjoy magnificent mountain views.

When the track forks (1h40min) (1885 m), go right downhill ignoring the track that continues to San Juan. You encounter a signpost pointing to the right for "Balsa del Abet" (1h53min) (1850 m). Go round this charming pond encircled by mountains and continue then downhill along the track.

The track comes to the fork with the red pole (1h56min) (1840 m). Return along the already familiar track back to the other track (2h40min) (1480 m). Do not turn right towards the campsite of Forcallo, but to the left. Walking along this gently descending track you go through a gate, and pass a fountain (2h50min) (1465 m) before coming to the sand road along which you drove to the campsite. Turn right. You cross a bridge and start to follow the river Zinqueta. All the way you have nice views to the river. You pass a beautiful fountain and enjoy gorgeous mountain views before reaching the campsite (3h30min).

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