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Plan - Basa de la Mora - Plan





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín to Plan. Almost immediately after entering the village you see an information panel on the walking routes. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h30min/12km

Walk from the information panel (1090 m) some 40 meters to the signpost for "San Juan, Gistain and Viados", and turn right downhill on a narrow asphalt road. Do not go towards "San Juan, Gistain and Viados". After crossing a bridge the asphalt ends and you find signposts (4min) (1080 m). Take the track to the right following the sign for "Basa de la Mora".

The track narrows (25min) (1055 m) and in a couple of minutes a path signposted to "Basa de la Mora" branches off left (27min) (1055 m). When it forks after one minute, follow the white-yellow waymark to the left. 

The path ascends first gently, but later steeply through a leafy forest. At the next fork (1h10min) (1320 m) go left again. You cross the gorge of Ibon (1h18min) (1415 m) and enjoy soon the first views to the mountains rising on the opposite side of the valley of Chistau (1h25min). Later you see the village of Gistain in the valley (1h28min). After crossing the brook that descends along the gorge of Ibon (1h51min) (1680 m) you see a waterfall on your right. At the following fork (2h04min) (1780 m) you go right. Pines with curious forms take over.

The going gets easier as you walk through a plain with pines. Soon you encounter signpost (2h18min) (1900 m). Follow the signs for "Basa de la Mora" and "Barbaruéns" straight ahead. The route is now waymarked with white-red marks.

The path emerges from the forest to a pasture. Ignore the signposts you can see on your left and follow the path to the Lagoon of Plan (Ibón de Plan) (2h30min) (1910 m). The lagoon is encircled by mountains. In the west rises  Punta Es Litás and in the south Peña La Una and Pico Ribereta. You can go round the lagoon along a nice path before going back the same way to Plan (4h30min).

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