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Plan - Feneplán - Serveto - El Collet - Plan

Plan - Feneplán - Serveto - El Collet - Plan





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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín to Plan. Immediately after entering the village you see a church on your left. Drive a little bit further to the parking place next to the information panel on walking routes and the tourist information centre. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/10.2km

Ascend along the street that goes by the centre to the church and bend left behind the church. On the church wall you see a sign for "Serveto por Feneplán" (1115 m). The steep street turns into a path. When it forks (27min) (1290 m), go right.

The path runs in a leafy forest and opens up lovely views to Plan and the valley of Chistau bordered by the mountains of Plan. The mountain views encompass  El Yerri, Peñas de las Onze, Mediodía and Es Litás rising above the gorge of  Ibón Plan. 

At the next fork (38min) (1375 m) go left, and at the following fork met almost immediately go right to a narrower path. In front of you towers the Peña de San Martin. When you encounter signposts (43min) (1395 m), keep left following the sign for "Serveto". From now on the route is waymarked with white-red marks. You follow the gorge of Crabils on a narrow path that crosses a brook and becomes thereafter very wet. It turns almost at once into a track. In a couple of minutes you come to a junction (55min) (1440 m). Turn left.

The track that runs through the Plain of Feneplán has connected the valleys of Chistau and Comuna for ages. The landscape is marked by traditional stone houses and fields. The track bends left and crosses a river that descends along the gorge of El Mon (1h) (1440 m). After you have passed a rocky knoll, fork off left on a path with a white-red waymark (1h12min) (1445 m).

From the path you can see the Pass of El Collét and a number of mountains including Es Litás and Mobisón Gran.

The path descends to the tiny village of Serveto. After passing  the fountain make for the church. By the church you find a sign for "Plan por El Collet" (1h30min) (1310 m). Follow the sign and the white-yellow waymarks that guide you to the left on an descending path (1h32min) (1305 m). In a couple of minutes you cross a bridge and come to a track (1h34min) (1285 m). Turn right. Barely a minute past this junction fork off left. Immediately after the fork branch off right to a wide path. The rock walls of San Martin begin to line the route on your left. Higher up you discern all three villages of the Comuna valley - Sin, Serveto and between them Señes. In the Pass of Collet you encounter signs  (2h02min) (1365 m). Continue straight ahead towards "Plan". There is also a sign for Peña d'Artiés, but you leave this cliff behind.

Macizo de Cotiella rises in front of you. The rock walls on your left become more and more impressive as you approach the Peña Las Once. Below you see the reservoir of Plan d'Éscún. Further in the valley flows the river Zinqueta and behind the village of Plan you discern the slopes of San Mamés and the Pass of Sahún to the right from San Mamés.

The path stays more than 30 minutes at the same altitud before it starts descending gently towards Plan. On your way you find interesting rock formations.

The path crosses a track (2h52min) (1185 m) and meets it again in few minutes. Turn left. When you reach the A-2609 (3h06min) (1080 m), turn left again and walk back to the information centre (3h18min).

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