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Camping Forcallo - Ibón Millars - Ibón Leners - Ibón de la Solana - Ibón Pixón - Camping Forcallo

Camping Forcallo - Ibón Millars - Ibón Leners - Ibón de la Solana - Ibón Pixón - Camping Forcallo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín 1.8 km from San Juan de Plan towards Gistaín until you see a sign for "Parque Natural" on the right hand side of the road. Turn on this sand road. After 5.4 km the road forks. Go left following the signs for "Camping Forcallo" and "Campamento Virgen Blanca". You pass the campsite of Virgen Blanca after 2.9 km. Drive 300 meters further to the campsite of Forcallo. (Roadmap)

Distance: 7h29min/16.5km

Opposite the coffee house of the campsite you find an information panel and signposts (1575 m). By the panel starts a path downhill towards the "Refugio d'els Plans". You cross the bridge over the river  Zinqueta d'Añes Cruzes and come to a track by the cottage of Plans (3min) (1565 m). Turn left. The river flows on your left. After you have gone through a gate (15min) (1685 m), fork off right on a path. The path ascends to a plain (20min) (1725 m) and continues to the right towards a group of stone cottages. The mountain of Bachimala stays on your left and the El Montó behind you.

The path curves to the right side of the cottages (26min) (1770 m) and leads through a grassy slope, staying at the same altitude, to a pine forest. Small heards of cows will be encountered throughout the walk in the forest. You cross a brook on stones (39min) (1790 m) and the river of Ribereta on bridge (55min) (1820 m). After crossing the bridge, turn left.

In five minutes, a narrow path marked with a stone pile branches off sharp right (1h) (1820 m). The path gets wider almost at once and goes for a while back to the direction you came from. It is marked with white-red waymarks. Soon you see the towering Puntal de Barrau on your right.

There are benches for resting along the path. In some places you get a glimpse of the river below. Later a waterfall rushing along the rock wall of Millars comes into sight. Working up your route you can have a peek to the deep gorge on your right. Soon after the gorge you cross another brook (1h55min) (2075 m).

When the path forks (2h05min) (2150 m) keep right. At the next fork (2h12min) (2200 m), go left. You emerge from the forest in fields and see the semicircular rock wall of Bagüeñola in front of you.

Ascending along a grassy slope you cross a gorge (2h29min) (2250 m) and meet signposts on the left hand side of the path (2h32min) (2275 m). Keep right. The path bends right towards the Lagoons of Millars (Ibón Millás) and Leners (Ibón Lenés). Green waymarks guide you along a path that goes up beside the waterfall to the Lagoon of Millars (2h45min) (2350 m). The lagoon is edged with a damwall. Walk along the wall to the right. When the wall ends you find a path that curves right by a couple of ponds and starts then zigzaging upwards. Follow the stone piles. Higher up you see the lagoon a number of times from different angles. The views to Bachimala and Cordillera de las Espadas are superb. You pass some ruins (3h12min) (2510 m) and come to the Lagoon of Leners (3h17min) (2515 m).

We recommend that you walk the same way back to the campsite (5h45min).

If you are experienced in reading maps and/or you have a GPS-receiver, you can make a circuit that goes through the Lagoons of Solana and Pizón back to the campsite. This route continues from the Lagoon of Leners without any path towards the rock walls in front of you, first gently up to the right. You go round two ponds (3h23min) (2525 m) and bend left steeper uphill to a small lagoon without name  (3h29min) (2555 m).

On your right you discern a pile of stones. Make for it. You cross a shallow glen and come to the stone pile (3h32min) (2545 m). Below lies the valley and in front of you rises the rock wall of the Puntal de Barrau, which divides the gorge in two parts. Continue to northwest, left from the rock wall that stays below you.

Descendign along the slope keep an eye on the stone piles, which however are not too many. When you approach the left flank of the gorge, look upwards. Make for a stone pillar erected to the top of the crest. From the left hand side of the pillar you see a large lagoon, the Ibón de la Solana (4h) (2485 m). Behind it rises the Pico del Turmo.

Go down to the shore of the lagoon (4h08min) (2430 m)  and follow the path that runs close to the water to the northwest end of the lagoon (4h14min) (2430 m). Continue along the faint path to northwest. You come to the edge of a precipice (4h20min) (2410 m) and see an oblong lagoon hundreds of meters below. Continue along the path to the right. After crossing a brook (4h23min) (2405 m) you have to negotiate your way down the pathless slope. A few stone piles help to choose the easiest way.

For us it took more than an hour to climb down. When you reach the shore of the Lagoon of Pixón (5h30min) (2200 m), follow the path to its northwest end (5h33min) (2200 m) where you find a clear path. Soon the path starts to descend, first gently through a pine forest, but then very steeply (5h40min) (2155 m). From now on the going is very irksome. You dip down almost dead straight following a stony gorge.

When you finally reach the base of the mountain (6h25min) (1920 m) continue through a gently rolling meadow downhill. You cross a brook and after that a number of hillocks. The path dives into a pine forest and starts to draw away from the gorge of Pixón that lined the route for a while on your left. A leafy forest takes over for a short stretch, but the last part of the route goes in an old spruce forest. You come to a track (7h13min) (1540 m), which you follow to the right. After going through a gate you come back to the cottage of Plan (7h25min) (1565 m). Walk along the familiar path back to the campsite (7h29min).

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